Fashion, Food & SIM Cards in Tokyo: A Fashionista Traveler’s Take on Japan

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Grace, a Los Angeles native who often finds herself journeying to Japan for shopping excursions, talks about her experiences with using a Sakura Mobile SIM card in Tokyo and how even she would have been lost without it.

A Look Back at Grace’s Trip to Japan

As a regular traveler to Japan, Grace knows a few things about navigating one of the world’s largest cities. Read on to find out what keeps her coming back time after time and why she recently switched from a competing data SIM card provider to Sakura Mobile.

…On Visiting Japan

The first time I ever visited Japan is when I was a child traveling with my parents. Since then I have been to Tokyo about 8 or 9 times, sometimes traveling by myself. It has always been such a great experience that I end up longing to go back once I return home.

…On the Best Season to Go

Aside from wanting to see my friends, I decided to visit Japan again this past summer because July is one of the two major sale seasons in Tokyo for fashion. Also, I prefer summertime over the winter season. Since I live in Los Angeles, it’s easier for me to deal with the heat rather than the snow and rain. This may seem strange, but I love Tokyo’s humidity in the summertime as well because it keeps my skin hydrated. sim card tokyo

…On Tokyo Recommendations

My most memorable experience this time was visiting the One Piece amusement park in Tokyo Tower. It’s only there for a limited time, but I think for any fan of One Piece it’s a very fun and unique experience. I also enjoyed karaoke with my friends, going to themed restaurants like the Alice in Wonderland Restaurant and My Melody Cafe, hanging out at Tokyo Disney Sea, and of course, shopping.

…On Shopping in Tokyo

Japanese shopping culture is very different from the United States, so the way employees act toward their customers vastly differ. One difference is that staff working at clothing stores usually will approach you first, suggest certain items that may suit you, and help coordinate your purchases into something that you may already have in your wardrobe.

…On Japanese Cuisine

I love the opportunity to enjoy a wide range of delicious food. Aside from the traditional Japanese cuisine that many travel for, I like to discover modern, innovative, and unique twists on dishes that may have originally been viewed as western. Grace Li Exotic Foods Montage

…On What Keeps Her Coming Back

I keep coming back to Tokyo just for the atmosphere and conveniences that have been implemented to make everyday tasks simpler. Just sitting down at a cafe to cool down from the summer heat while sitting by the window to watch people walk by can be an enjoyable experience.

…On Essential Japan Travel Apps

If you have a smartphone, the Tokyo Metro app is very helpful because it is not only a map of train routes, but it also lets you input where you are, and where you want to go. It informs you of what train to take, alternate routes, and departure/arrival times.

…On Important Travel Tips

I would say it’s very important to get an IC Card (Suica/Pasmo) because it can save you the hassle of looking through your wallet for change and save time while in Japan. Not only on the trains and taxis, but convenience stores and vending machines usually accept the card as well. data sim card tokyo

Staying Connected with a SIM Card in Tokyo

During Grace’s trip throughout Tokyo, she stayed connected to the Internet using a Sakura Mobile SIM Card. She was kind enough to give us her opinions…

…On Sakura Mobile’s Services

I found out about Sakura Mobile through a Facebook friend. It seemed convenient, and also cheaper than other SIM rental services I’ve already tried on previous trips. I compared it to a company I rented from before, and it was a better deal. It was a relatively easy rental process; the SIM card arrived in the mail, and I mailed it back in the pre-stamped envelope at the airport’s post box when I was finished. I traveled only in major cities, so there was no loss in service for me and I didn’t have to call customer service.

…On Battery Life

The SIM card was easy to set up. I’d only suggest that you’d probably want to bring or purchase an external battery to make sure your devices are charged since you’ll probably be out all day. I unexpectedly pulled an all-nighter and didn’t get back to my room until 5 AM since my friends and I missed the last train.

…On Finding Her Way

The SIM card was particularly helpful when I was looking up directions to meetup spots, searching for places to eat, making appointments/reservations, and looking up operating hours for businesses. I probably could not have survived without it. It made me feel more secure because I knew if I got lost or needed to know how to say something in Japanese, it would be easy to look it up on my phone. Grace Li Banana Pancake

…On Why She Chose SIM over a Portable WiFi Router

I will most likely rent a SIM card on my next trip to Japan since it allows me to use my own phone and I don’t need to worry about charging both my phone and a mobile WiFi router.

Renting a SIM Card in Tokyo through Sakura Mobile

We think Grace made a great choice based on what she needed by going with a data SIM card for her Tokyo shopping vacation. Wanting to stay connected while traveling throughout Japan’s major cities means having consistent coverage when your busy looking for great fashion deals and Tokyo’s newest collaboration pop-up shops. Sakura Mobile provides both consistent coverage and high data speed 24 hours a day, even at peak usage times. If you’re a heavy data user, then it’s definitely worth considering Sakura Mobile for your Tokyo SIM card.

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