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After-contract Questions

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Pre-Contract Questions

Data plan

A data allowance is the amount of data included with your selected plan.

For docomo sim cards, a data allowance of a month have 2 months of expiry period.
If you do not use all of your data allowance of a month, remainder can be used in the next month.
For example, if you are subscribing 5GB plan and only use 2GB in March, you will have 5GB+2GB=7GB data allowance in April.
For pocket wifi plans, carry forward is not applicable.

Data allowance will be allocated on the first of each month.

Yes, you can top up from top up page
Please note that top up data will expire in the end of the purchased month.

Yes, you can.
iOS / Android’s regular hotspot functions are supported.

No, our data services are only available in Japan.
You may use SMS / Voice service, but roaming charge will apply.

Voice service

Sakura 691 is a discounted calling service.
You can receive 15JPY/30Sec rate for domestic and some international destinations.
To receive discounted rates, you can dial prefix number 0037-691 before your calling number.
(e.g. USA: +1-888-111-2222 > 0037-691-1-888-111-2222)

Yes, you can.
To place international call, please start with +country code, just like you do in your home country.
If you want to receive a discounted rate, please add prefix number 0037-691 to your destination number.
(e.g. USA: +1-888-111-2222 > 0037-691-1-888-111-2222)

Yes, you can.
Option fee is 300JPY / month

Yes. you can send SMS.

Yes, you can send international SMS.
However, international SMS rates in Japan is quite high compared to other countries. (50JPY/message)

Network / Coverage

Please refer to Docomo’s official site for most recent coverage area.

You can make calls / SMS at roaming rates.
Data service is provided in Japan only. You won’t be able to use data service outside Japan.

Device related

No. we currently provide SIM only service.

If yours is a 3G device, it’s normally okay.
Depending your contract upon purchase, you phone can be locked to the original phone company.
In that case, you need to contact your phone company to unlock your phone to accept SIMs from other network.

Please contact your mobile service providers.

Yes, we can send test a SIM card for a small fee.
Please contact us

All models of iPhones can be used.
For iPhones, You need to install APN profile. Please refer to our APN setup page.

All models of iPads can be used.
You need to set APN.
For details, Please refer APN setup page.

Yes, they are usually usable.

However, most foreign models of android devices do not support radio frequency band 19 (800Mhz) signals.
Band 19 signals are used in rural or mountain areas.
If your reception is very bad in those area, we may rent our WiFi router or suggest band 19 compatible devices.

Old blackberries are not supported due to the lack of Blackberry internet services.
Devices with BB OS 10.1 to up, they are the same as regular 3G devices.

Yes, you can use PS VITA
You need to set APN.
To set APN, please refer to PS VITA manual.

Billing / Payments

In regular rate, 20JPY / 30 sec
if you use our prefix number called Sakura 691, you can receive a discounted rate of 15JPY/30sec rates.
To learn international calling rates and Sakura 691, please refer to
Calling Rates Page

Yes, you can.
We accept cash payments at convenience store.
For cash payments, deposit is required.

Yes, you can.
We accept credit cards issued outside Japan.
In the case credit card authorization is failed, we can also accept payments through convenience stores.

Yes, we do.

We accepts payments thorough credit cards and payment slip.
For further details, please refer to Payment methods page

activation fee will be charged when your credit card is authorized or deposit is made.

Service fee of a month will be invoiced and paid in the end of following month.
(e.g. Fee of March will be invoiced and paid end of April)

We request 3 month of minimum use. After 3 month, you can cancel subscription anytime without early termination fee.
If your visa status is a temporary visitor, please use our short-term rental plans.

Application to the service

You can sign up from this page

At the moment, we mainly operate online.
If you prefer, you may stop by our Shinjuku Office for explanation of details.
You will sign up online from this page at the office.

Your residence card solely satisfies requirement.

If you have not arrived to Japan and do not have a residence card, you may pick it up designated airports upon arrival.
Please refer to airport pick up serction below for details.

If you’d like to pick it up at airports, passport is only needed document.
Designated airports are Narita, Haneda, and Kansai airport.

For U.S. Military personnel, we accept U.S. Passport and copy official document to prove your address (e.g. utility bill )
You may also stop by to pick up our office in Shinjuku (google map)or Yokosuka (google map) ※Pre-order is required for office pick up.

No, we do not provide monthly contract services to short-tem VISA holders.
If you are a short-term VISA holder, please use services for short-term visitors

For data only sim and pocket WiFi, we can deliver to your home address, hotels, friend’s house, or post office.
Due to the anti-fraud Law, voice SIM cards have to be delivered to the address on your ID.

Data SIM / Pocket WiFi will be delivered about 2-3 days after sign up.
Voice SIM needs about 3-5 business days. (Issuing your SIM at factory takes 1-2 business days, and delivery to your address takes 2-3 days.)

Data SIM / Pocket WiFi will be delivered to your mailbox, so you do not need to be present.
Voice SIM will be delivered by a secure package. You need to be present and sign the package.

Yes, you can.
If you are a minor (under 18 years of age), we request you and your guardian to submit Parental Consent Forms

Yes, you can. However, we do not provide monthly contract services to short-term VISA holders.
If you VISA status is short-term (permit for less than 90 days of stay), please feel free to contact us for further suggestions / informations.

Switching into Sakura Mobile

Yes, you can.
It’s called MNP (Mobile Number Portability).
You can request MNP reservation number at retail shops (Docomo shop / Softbank Shop / Au Shop)

MNP is short for Mobile Number Portability.
It’s a system that you can bring your phone number to companies.
You can request MNP reservation number at retail shops (Docomo shop / Softbank Shop / Au Shop)

MNP number has 15 days expiry.
Please sign up with MNP number as soon as you’ve received it so that we can have enough time to process your MNP request before expiry.

After-Contract Questions

Initial Settings

To use SIM card, you need to do APN settings.
Please refer to our APN setting page for details.

Wifi routers are pre-configured. You can just turn it on and connect over WiFi.

First, please check flight mode is turned off and mobile data is turned on
After that, please check if you are receiving signals.
If you are receiving signals, You are on the network.
In that case, you can set APN as described APN setting page

For other cases, please contact us

Changes in your service plan

Yes, you can.
Deadline for changing plan is 25th in each month. Please send request by email before that date.

We do not provide switching plan.
However, you can simply add another voice line, and cancel current data plan.

Yes, you can switch SIM card size.
A new SIM card will be issued.
Fee to issue a new SIM is 3000JPY + V.A.T

Yes, voice mail is available as an optional service.
fee for voice mail is 300JPY/month + V.A.T

Please refer to cancellation section below.

Check your usage

You can check it at your data usage record page

Your bill will be emailed in the end of month.

Trouble Shooting

Please contact us
We will put your line on hold.
Please be informed that monthly fee will not be waived during temporary hold.

yes, we can issue another SIM card.
Please contact us
Fee to re-issue SIM is 3000JPY + V.A.T.


First, please send cancelation request from Cancellation Form
Second, please return your SIM/WiFi device to our collection desk.
Once we confirm the item to be returned, we will terminate your subscription.

Billing cycle is one month later.
Your invoice is sent and paid in the end of next month.
(e.g. a bill of March will be sent and paid on Apr 30th.)

If you receive a bill other than the regular billing cycle, please contact us.

Yes, please return SIM card.
We will execute your contract termination request upon receipt of SIM card.

No. Full amount of data will be allocated on the 1st of each month.
Monthly fee will not be prorated in your terminating month.

Please contact us. Issueing MNP number takes 2-3 days. Please plan ahead for MNP port out.
MNP number issue fee is 3000JPY + tax / request.

Yes, MNP number issue fee is 3000JPY + tax / request.

Other questions

You can make calls and use SMS in oversea.
Data service is for Japan only.
Please note that Voice calls / SMS used in oversea are subject to roaming charge.

Compensations are: Pocket WiFi: JPY 30,000
SIM card: JPY 5,000
AC adapter: JPY 2,000
USB cable: JPY 1,000
Portable case: JPY 1,000
Extra portable battery: JPY 5,000
You may use your credit card insurance for the damage.
Please let us know if you need us to file documents for your insurances.