Introducing Pocket WiFi at Sakura Mobile.
Tailored to make your days in Japan easier.

Sakura Mobile's pocket WiFi plans offer reliable high speed internet services for international students and expats to Japan. Bigger data amount, English support, and No binding contracts. Every detail is made to suit your life in Japan.

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Your friends, etc., will receive ¥3000 cash back, and you‘ll get a ¥3000 cash for every completed long term contract that uses your referral code (Voice + Data SIM, Data only SIM, and Pocket WiFi).
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Features loved by our customers.
English Support

Everything is available in English. Needless to say, technical support is provided in English.

No 2 year binding contract

We understand your stay can be flexble. So, we do not require you to make 2 years commitment.

Big Data

Our plans provide 40% to 200% more data than other ordinary pocket Wifis. It's great for home use as well use with laptop.

Various Payment Method

We accept credit cards issued outside of Japan. We also accept cash payments at Convenience stores.

Your best partner

Thank you for your interest in Sakura Mobile. Sakura Mobile is a certified telecom provider dedicatedly serving for people from overseas. We are keen to help your life in Japan, and our passion and expertise in cellphone gave a brith to Sakura Mobile. We understand your specific needs such as service in English, using phone from your home country, as well as international calls. Our aim is to deliver a smooth cellphone service as you had in your home country.

Fast 4G Network

Our pocket WiFi works on Softbank's network. Softbank network has variosu features like AXGP for pocket WiFi products, and that's why it's most popular among pocket wifi plans. Ofcourse, network coverage is nationwide and it is a fast 4G network.

No 2 year contract.
Still at discounted price.

Often, deals require you to make 2 year commmitment. We throughly picked a deal without binding conditions to make our plans fit your days in Japan. We do our best to make it a good deal for you.

Made for your stay

  • No 2-year binding contract
  • No early termination fee
  • No device purchase
  • English support
Benefits & Comparison

Here is a quick comparison table of our service with a typical pocket WiFi plan you may find in the market. Our listed prices are final numbers without 2 year contranct. Please also checkout benefits other than prices such as English support and online contracting.

Monthly Fee
Without yearly commitments
5GB: ¥3,480/mo
30GB: ¥4,980/mo
With 3 year commitment
7GB: ¥3,696/mo
Activation fee
Activation fee: ¥5,000
Activation fee: ¥3,000
Termination fee
No ¥10,000 ~ ¥38,300 (up to remaining period)
- Benefit Summary -
All of our plans comes without 2 year contract. Monthly fees are good priced even without 2 year contract
(Nation wide 4G coverage)
(can be weaker than docomo au softbank)
Network Speed
612Mbps (601HW w MIMO)
612Mbps (603HW w MIMO)
Upgrades to large data plans
30GB plan
(Upgradable w/o 2 year contract)
Not available
7GB w/ 3 year commitment
- Benefit Summary -
SoftBank network is one of the 3 major networks in Japan with nationwide coverage. It's operates on a reliable 4G service which is great for business situations.
Support & Other Benefits
English Support
Yes No
Online Sign-up
Yes No
Online Cancellation
You can cancel online and in English
You have to go to official shops
Online Contracting

making changes in contracts or services online such as
temporal hold of service due to theft, sim card replacement, and etc

Everything is provided online and in English
Some items can be done online in Japanese
- Benefit Summary -
Visiting phone shop is a nightmare. You spend hours in a waiting line, and they ask you to come back with proper documents. We've eliminated it. Benefits from features above are intangible but very appreciated along with our low prices.

deals only at Sakura Mobile

All of our pocket WiFi plans come with
1. Large amount of fast LTE data
2. Recent Pocket WiFi device (rental)
3. No 2 year contract or device purchase
Pocket WiFi

  • LTE Data

    per month

    No 2 year commintment
  • Our cheapest plan
    Low price

  • Activation : ¥5,000

    one time only


Pocket WiFi

  • LTE Data

    per month

    No 2 year commintment
  • For day to day operations

  • Activation : ¥5,000

    one time only

  • *Student discount, additional 1000JPY discount from activation fee is available.

  • Various Payment Methods

    We accept credit & debit cards issued outside Japan. We also accept cash payments at convenience stores. Credit cards issued in Japan are NOT required for our subscritptions.

    Promo: If you order WiFi & Voice plan together, WiFi activation fee will be waived.

    To learn about Voice+Data SIM plans, click the button below (jump to a new page).

    About Sakura 691

    Sakura691 is our discounted calling service that can be used for international & domestic calls. No separate activation is required, and calling rate is ¥15/30sec

    All of our plans include free minutes on sakura691.
    Calling destinations with discounted rates are:
    USA Australia Newzealand Phillipine Taiwan Singapore Hongkong Thai Malaysia Indoneasia Vietnam Korea China UK France Italy Spain Russia Japan
    To recieve discounted rates, dial with prefix number : 0037-691
    e.g. USA: +1-888-111-2222 > 0037-691-1-888-111-2222

    About Dialer App

    Sakura691 dialer app is an phone app that works great with our prefix number. It automatically adds the prefix number to the calls made through app. Try it now. It's free of charge.

    Payment Methods Accepted

    payment methods

    To check details about payment methods, click the button below (jump to a new page).