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Following Methods are accepted.

Credit or Debit cards

Credit or Debit cards

Credit cards and debit cards are accepted. Accepted Brands are VISA, Master, Discover, JCB, AMEX, Discover, and Diners. Cards issued from your country can be accepted.

  1. Subscribe to our plan from Order Form
  2. Once your application is submitted, a link for your credit card submission will be emailed.
  3. After your credit card is authorized, SIM card / Pocket WiFi will be sent to your address.

We can accept credits card and debit cards issued in your country. (Success rate depends on your credit card provider. e.g. which bank or which card.) In the case your card is rejected, you may still use other payment methods.

Cash at Convenience store (Smart Pit)

Cash at Convenience store (Smart Pit)

You can make the monthly payment at the convenience store using a Smart Pit number. Can be paid at most convenience stores such as Lawson, Family mart, Mini Stop, and etc.

  1. Subscribe our plan from Order Form
  2. We will send your item by cash on delivery. Please make the initial payment upon delivery. Only Japanese yen will be accepted. We will also provide you with your smart pit number via email upon shipment of the item.
  3. To make a payment, please stop by one of the listed convenience stores between 1st and 10th of the month. Payment due date is 10th of each month. In the case you are late, the late handling fee of 500 JPY will be added to your bill. For step by step operations, please refer to
    How to use Smart Pit at convenience store (Family Mart)
    How to use Smart Pit at convenience store (LAWSON / MINI STOP)

If you make a long-term order with us and choose the payment method as Smart Pit Payment (Paying in the convenience store) you will have to pay a Deposit in addition to the one-time registration fees.

Kindly be assured this deposit is to cover your future payment, in other words, it will cover bills you will need to pay regardless. Specifically, the deposit will cover the last two bills of your contract, when you terminate it.

For the Voice + Data SIM card, the deposit will be 20,000 JPY.

For Data ONLY SIM card / Pocket WiFi, the deposit will be 2 months' worth of the plan monthly fee.

For more explanation about the deposit, please check the following article.

G.I. Bill Pay Service

G.I. Bill Pay Service

Payment through G.I. Bill Pay Service is accepted. G.I. Bill Pay Service is committed to helping U.S. military personnel and affiliates pay their bills while overseas. Please contact us if you want to use this payment method.

  1. Please use your credit/debit card at first when you apply for a long term plan.
  2. Please contact us via registered E-mail address and request us that you want to change the payment method to G.I. Bill Pay Service.
  3. We will provide you with the unique code(8 numbers) to you.
  4. Please contact to the nearest G.I. Bill Pay Service branch with this unique code to add the payment for Sakura Mobile.
  5. Your payment will switch to G.I. Bill Pay Service after confirmed by them.