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Sakura Mobile is a dedicated wireless service provider for visitors to Japan

Short Term Rental Plans

Data Sim Card

Mobile WiFi Router

Japan SIM Card Rental for short-term visitors.

iPhone, iPad, Galaxy, Nexus, Blackberry, and all of 3G device.
Our SIM cards provides you the same service as the roaming service without roaming charges.

  •   Fast LTE Data Access.
  •   Japan’s largest 4G LTE network.
  •   Comes in nano SIM with size adapter.
  •   No activation needed. Just set APN.
  •   VoIP supported.
  •   Starting from Jpy 3500 for 3GB + Jpy 50 per day.
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Japan Pocket WiFi

Mobile WiFi Router

A Japan WiFi Hotspot in the palm of your hand.

A Mobile WiFi Router is a similar device to your home WiFi router. It is portable and connects thorough a mobile network.
To use a mobile router, you simply turn it on and connect your device to it’s WiFi signal just like you do with any WiFi signal.
It’s as simple as that. No device setting or hardware compatibility changes involved.

  •   Same features as LTE SIM.
  •   Guaranteed compatibility.
  •   Share internet among your wifi devices over 802.11b/g/n.
  •   Long battery life up to 20 hours.
  •   Ready to use out of box.
  •   Small size. H:74mm x W:74mm x D:17.3mm.
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