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Enjoy high-speeds of 1Gbps, fiber-optic internet in the comfort of your home.

With the unlimited data of fiber-optic internet, you can: stream long hours of videos, play online games, and attend online meetings, all stress-free.
Unlimited Data, 1Gbps Speeds*
6,480 JPY/MO
(7,128 JPY, tax incl.)
※1Gbps is the maximum network service capability speed for this service. Actual customer speeds are not guaranteed and may vary based on several factors.
Fast Internet Connection
Fast Internet Connection

Maximum internet connection speed of 1Gbps. Fast internet makes video streaming and online gaming stress free!

Fiber-Optic Internet

We use Flet’s Hikari fiber-optic network provided by NTT EAST and NTT WEST, the largest wireless provider in Japan. Network coverage includes over 90% of Japan.

No 2-Year Binding Contract
No 2-Year Binding Contract

We do not require a 2-year commitment. You can terminate your contract any time.

No Activations
English Support

Our customer service team provides top-notch email/phone support and will be there to help you with any questions or problems you may have.

Simple, Stress-Free Installation
Simple, Stress-Free Installation

Installing internet in a foreign language can be a hassle. Don't worry, we can help you translate and interpret.

Various Payment Method
Various Payment Method

We accept credit cards issued outside of Japan, as well as cash payments at convenience stores. PAYMENT METHODS



Support Priority

Good for


6,480 JPY/MO
(7,128 JPY/MO, tax incl.)

Flet’s Hikari fiber-optic network provided by NTT EAST and NTT WEST


Watching videos / Playing online games

Heavy internet usage

  • Administrative fee : 5,500 JPY
  • Installation fee : 2,200 JPY - 24,200 JPY
  • The monthly fee listed includes cost of the wireless router rental, ISP charges, NTT connection charges, etc. There are no additional costs involved.



You will get:

  • Discounted administrative fee from 5,500 to 110 JPY

  • Reduced installation fee

    (From anywhere between 2,200 ~ 24,200 JPY to anywhere between 2,200 ~ 11,000 JPY)

When you sign up for Sakura Fiber Internet and a Sakura Mobile Long-Term contract* at the same time!

*Voice & Data SIM, Data Only SIM, and Pocket WiFi Device


  • George A., Ghana
  • ★★★★★
  • Location: Tokyo
  • Primary Use:
  • Online Gaming, Meetings

I have always been concerned about internet speed and whether it would meet my needs. From when I signed up to when they set it up, I had the best experiences with the support staff - the customer service is A+.

Most importantly, it's affordable and fast with over 200mbs - no buffering or robotic breaks. It is now a big part of my life here in Japan, from work to family or personal time, and I am happy to be part of the ecosystem with a phone plan and home fiber.

  • Santiago G., Canada
  • ★★★★★
  • Location: Chiba
  • Primary Use:
  • Online Gaming

Sakura Fiber internet has been amazing so far. The internet is fast and I haven't encountered many issues when playing my online games, watching/streaming videos or talking with my relatives and loved ones through apps.

The only time I had a small issue, their support staff was very quick to help me find a solution, despite the fact it was on a weekend. I can't recommend Sakura fiber enough for those who want fast internet and want the setup to be as uncomplicated as possible.

  • Chris K., Canada
  • ★★★★★
  • Location: Hokkaido
  • Primary Use:
  • Online Meetings, Email

I am currently enjoying Sakura Fibre Optic internet and am quite happy with the service! The application and installation process was quite fast and easy going (It only took about a half hour from when the crew arrived to install).

The estimated times for delivery of my modem and arrival of the installation crew were met perfectly!I was greatly impressed with how quick I was able to get online (Within minutes!).

I have had wonderful service so far with consistent internet and it is a much better price than what I was paying when I was living in Canada. I am very satisfied with the service! Thank you Sakura! Keep up the great work!


Need internet as soon as possible?

We offer Pocket WiFi devices that you can use until your fiber internet installation date.

  • Please note that the fees for the fiber internet will begin when you receive the Pocket WiFi device.

  • Please return the Pocket WiFi device once the fiber internet installation has been completed.

Sakura Mobile Travel Pocket Wifi




Apply through our website by filling out the application form (name, email address, home address, etc.).

Rest assured, you will not be charged anything during this step.

We will check to confirm whether or not Sakura Fiber Internet can be used in your area of residence.



(1~3 Days from your Application)

You will receive a confirmation email/phone call that includes information regarding installation and a price estimate for installation fees. Then, schedule an installation date.

Sakura Mobile Travel POCKET WIFI
If you would like, we can provide a Pocket WiFi device leading up to the installation date for those without internet.


Day of installation

Get started with Sakura Fiber Internet!

The installation team will bring the modem for the internet connection. Once installed and connected to the wireless router we will provide, you will be online and ready to go.

There are instances where internet configuration may be done remotely and an installation team will not visit your place of residence. If this is the case, the necessary devices will be sent to you. Then, all you have to do is follow the instructions we will provide to connect the devices and wiring.


Please contact us if you would like to know more about our plans, pricing, or the internet availability in your area.