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Sakura Mobile Travel SIM Card

Data Only SIM & eSIM

Hassle free data SIM card and eSIM contracts.
Great for your tablets and pocket WiFi or MiFis.

iPhone, iPad, Galaxy, and all 4G devices. Our SIM cards and eSIM provide you with the same service as the roaming service but without roaming charges.
5GB 25GB 40GB
From 2,480 JPY / month
(From 2,728 JPY, tax incl.)
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Why Sakura Mobile?

Japan’s biggest network

We operate under Docomo network, Japan’s most reliable network with the widest coverage area. NTT Docomo network has been serving the largest number of Japanese since the beginning of cell phone history.

Fast LTE data

Every provider claims LTE connections up to 988Mbps or more, saying this is the reason why their internet is fast. In fact, it is the server that is the key determinant of fast internet. Our backbone servers are much stronger so it will deliver you a real fast internet performance.

Bring your own device

You can use your existing phone (your phone needs to be unlocked). Our tech support team is experienced at handling non-Japanese phones.

Data rollover

If you didn’t use all of your data during the month, it will be automatically rolled over to the next one!

iOS personal hotspot and android’s tethering function are supported. PdaNet app is also supported.
No activation is required for our data SIM cards. It’s ready to use out of the package. Open the package, insert the SIM (a SIM pin is provided), and do the setting for APN, don't worry it will take less than a minute to do.
If you exceed your data limit, your internet speed will slow down, but you will never actually be without internet access.
You can Top UP anytime. You don’t have to go to electronics stores.

Sakura Mobile plans


  • Activation fee
  • Network
  • Product type
  • Tethering
  • Good for


2,480 JPY /mo
(2,728 JPY/mo, tax incl.)
Activation fee
5,500 JPY (tax inc.)
Docomo 4G/LTE
Product type
Physical SIM / eSIM
Good for
Messaging app
Light internet use


4,480 JPY /mo
(4,928 JPY/mo, tax incl.)
Activation fee
5,500 JPY (tax inc.)
Docomo 4G/LTE
Product type
Physical SIM / eSIM
Good for
Watching HD videos
Tethering / Working remotely
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How to apply

Apply online

Airport pick up

Show passport at airport
counter & receive SIM /
eSIM QR code

Set up & start

Apply online


Set up & start

Watch the SIM card Installation
Video: Installing your SIM card
eSIM PDF: Installing your eSIM
Android / iPhone

Check device compatibility

Sakura Mobile Travel SIM Card


Unlocked (SIM-free) Device

SIM should work okay for most 4G/LTE capable devices including iPhones, Android smartphones, blackberries, Nokia, and etc. In general, only thing you need to care is whether your device is Unlocked (SIM-free). Below is a list of devices we have tested to work. For further information, please feel free to contact us.

Sakura Mobile Travel SIM Card


1. Unlocked (SIM-free) Device

Your device has to be unlocked (SIM-free). To check if your device is unlocked, please check here or contact your cellphone company. Phones from most European and Asian countries are normally unlocked. Phones from United States can be locked. We suggest to check it with your phone company.
For network locked device, Pocket WiFi is available.

2. eSIM Capable Device

Your device has to be able to use eSIM. Please check your device's specifications and make sure it can use eSIM. If you are not sure, please check the device's manufacturer's website or where you purchased the device.
* The following Apple devices are not compatible with eSIM:
Apple watches, iPhones bought in China, Hong Kong and Macau.

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