PreSales Questions


AfterSales Questions


PreSales Questions

Pick up or Delivery

No, we do not ship to overseas.

We are looking for distributors in other countries.
Please contact us if you are interested in becoming a distributor.

Please order at least 3 days prior to your pick up date.
Transit time to Okinawa is 1~2 days. Please order at least a week if you would like to pick it up at Okinawa.

Placing order in advance is highly encouraged.
You may change shipping address anytime until we make a shipment.

For urgent needs, you may place an express shipping order.

With express shipping, your order is delivered within the same day ~ up to 2 days.
In order to ensure delivery, we only ship to your accommodations / central or local post offices. (No airport post offices)

You may check current ETA from our express shipping order page.


Yes. there is a pick up counter.
For maps and locations, please refer to airport pick up counter locations page.

You may also return item at airports. There are mailboxes at airports. mailbox location is available in the airport pick up counter locations page.

Yes, we have cash on pick up as a shipping option.
Accepted currency is Japanese Yen only.
Pick up locations are at post offices (airport / central / local branches) only.
You may place cash on pick up order here.


Package will be delivered to your hotel front desk.
Please ask your hotel reception desk when you check in to your hotel.

Yes, we do.
To deliver to residential addresses, we need to include a resident name (in care of name) on the package. If it is a condo, please also make sure to include Room Number.
When post office suspects misdelivery due to mismatches on the names, they will put your package on hold (shown as retention in tracking service) and request a confirmation.
Retention is a rare case; however, if it occurs, please contact us immediately. We will call post offices to arrange re-delivery as soon as possible.

*For voice+data SIM cards, airport pick up is not available. Voice + Data sim cards are only delivered to your registered address. (usually, one in the back of residence card.)

Delivery to those places are usually the same as residential delivery.
For larger providers, they may request to send it to their front desk. Please contact your host / provider for in care of name or how to receive your packages.
You may also pick it up at post offices.
Central post office are open for 24h/7d.
For locations of post office branches near your accommodations, contact us. Regular operating hours for local post office branches are 9:00-17:00.

Yes, you can change your shipping address anytime until we ship. On a regular routine, we ship 4 days prior to your pick up date.
If you would like to change shipping address after shipment, we can forward or re-ship for a shipping fee.
To change shipping address / forward your package, please send us a request from here with your booking ID.

Your order will be shipped 4 days prior to your pick up date.

For urgent orders, you may place express shipping order below.




Yes. we will forward it / send another package for a shipping fee.
To change shipping address / forward your package, please send us a request from here with your booking ID.

Yes. Once your order is shipped, we will send a shipping email.
Your tracking code and a link to tracking service will be included in the email.

Your package will be delivered the day before your pickup date.

No, we deliver to airport post offices for a flat rate shipping fee of 890JPY.

Yes, we deliver to Hokkaido and Okinawa without extra handling fees.

Since delivery to Okinawa involves sea freight and air freight, it may take longer than usual.
For ensured delivery, we suggest to place order earlier if possible.

Returning devices

Yes, you can use post boxes at airports.
For airport postbox locations, please refer toairport postbox locations page.
Please note you need to return the device before proceeding to restricted area (areas after security check).
For details, please refer to Airport pick up / returns sections below.

No, prepaid return envelope is supplied in the package.
You can simply drop it to post boxes.

Yes. There are many post boxes in Japan even in rural areas.
You can use post boxes around the corners, in convenience stores, in post offices, and at airports.
You may also ask your hotels reception desk to return the package. Most hotels return it for you.

You can purchase return envelope at any post offices including airport post offices.
You can also purchase the return envelope at most convenience stores.
Please ask for a letter pack light (レターパックライト).

Return Address is as followings.

Og inc (Sakura Mobile)
Otakibashi Pacifica Bld. 9th Fl.
7-10-18, Nishishinjuku,
Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Japan

Please contact us immediately.
In most cases, you are able to send the package from your country.
Without any notifications, we will consider the package as lost after a week from your return date.

Airport Pick up / Return

Your passport is only required document.
Recipient name on the package and the name on your passport need to be matched.
Please make sure to include recipient name if you are ordering for someone else.

For airport pick up counter locations, please refer to airport pick up counter locations page.
Please note you are not able to pick it up after Post office’s operation hours. Please check airport post office operating hours in the airport post office locations page.

You can use mailboxes at airports in Japan.
For airport mailbox locations, please refer to airport mailbox locations page.
Airport mailboxes are usually located in departure floor.

We can accept express shipping orders to Narita airport.
Other airports such as Haneda, Kansai (KIX), and Shin-chitose do not accept express shipping orders.
To place an express order, please select Airports and Express in order page.

Yes, cash on pick up is available at airport post offices as an extra option.
Please note only Japanese Yen are accepted as cash.


Yes. we will forward it / send another package for a shipping fee.
To forward your package, please send us a request from here with your booking ID.


We accept all major credit cards. (VISA/MASTER/JCB/AMEX/DINERS are accepted.)
We also accept JPY Cash on delivery as an extra option.  Order Cash on deliverly

No. Phone services are not V.A.T refundable.

Minimum rental period is 3 days.
You will be charged for 3 days rental period regardless of whether you used it for a single day.

For product malfunctioning, we provide refunds. For product incompatibility, we do not provide refunds.

Coverage Area / Network related

Generally speaking, our services achieve 99% population coverages.
Coverage also depends on your device.
For details, please contact us.

There is no fair usage policy for purchased data. For 128kbps~200kbps unlimited data connections, fair usage policy of 366MB/3days are applied in order to keep network qualities.

While actual speed depends on your conditions, you should be experiencing few ~ 20 Mbps connections.
Examples of determinants for connection speed are Generation(LTE/3G), Radio frequency band you are on, or number of devices around you

In wireless internet services, unlimited data means you will not be disconnected based on your usage or amount of data transferred .

In order to manage network resources, unlimited data plans are managed by a policy called fair usage policy.
If your high speed data transfers in a certain period of time is exceeds particular fair usage policy, your connection speed may be reduced.
However, you still have unlimited low speed internet access.

You can use the internet at reduced speed. You can top up High speed data.

For 1~2 week of use 3GB is usually enough.
a person may use about 100~200MB / day

No. a local IP address will be assigned.

Yes. you can. We have tested some devices working.
However, actual availability depends on your devices.
Your connection is provided under NAT. Please use NAT-T VPN server for L2TP/IPSec.

Sim Card

Our SIM card is compatible with all of 3G enabled devices.
Main Band frequency used are 2100Mhz(band1) or 800Mhz(band19).
For details, please refer to compatibilities list.

For data only sim card, please use VoIP applications
For voice sim card, you can make receive / calls.

Yes, VoIP applications are supported. Examples of supported applications are Skype, Line, Viber, whatsapp, and KakaoTalk.

No SMS is not available,
iMessage is supported. please turn off “send as SMS” option from Settings > Message.

No, MMS is not supported.

Yes, you can. For iPads, please restart the device after installing APN profile.
Please also refer to Compatibility List

All models of iPhones are compatible.
For iPhones, You need to install APN profile. Please refer to our APN setup page.

All models of iPads are compatible.
You need to set APN.
For details, Please refer APN setup page.

Yes, they do.

Please note depending on your device, it may have weaker signal reception in rural area.
If you plan to stay in those areas, please consider Pocket WiFis.
(e.g. visiting temples in mountains / staying in a ski cottage / staying onsen ryokans in mountain areas.)

Old blackberries are not supported due to the lack of Blackberry internet services.
Devices with BB OS 10.1 to up, they are the same as regular 3G devices.

Yes, you can use PS VITA
You need to set APN.
To set APN, please refer to PS VITA manual.

Please contact your mobile service providers.

SIM cards are pre-activated and ready for use out of box.

You need to do APN settings on your device. Please refer to APN Setup page.

APN(Access Point Name) is a combination of internet address / username / passwords used for mobile internet services.
In your homeland, APN are usually pre-set to your device by your wireless service provider
You need to change these values to ours in order to connect to our wireless network.

Please refer to APN Setup page.
For device specific details, please contact your device manufacturer or wireless service provider.

Yes you do.
In other countries, iPhone automatically update APN once you install the sim card.
However, in Japan, APN updates is enabled only for specific iPhone plans.
To set up APN to your iPhone, You can use APN profile.
For further details about APN profile, please refer to our APN setup Page.

We ship nano sim card and size adapter. You may also specify sim card size if you would like.

Yes, as long as the devices are compatible and compliant, you may install the SIM card to any devices.

No, it is not usable outside Japan.

Pocket WiFi

Pocket WiFi is a similar device to your home wifi router.
You can connect to internet through WiFi connections.
Pocket WiFi runs on a battery instead of power line and are connected to internet over cellular network instead of land-cables.

Our Pocket WiFis are specifically made for Japanese mobile network.
We guarantee connectivity for our Pocket WiFis only.

Yes. Skype, Line, Viber, whatsapp, and KakaoTalk are supported.

Up to 15 devices are supported.

It lasts up 20 hours of internet use, and 600 hours of stand-by time.

It’s chargeable via micro USB. The package includes a micro USB cable and an AC adapter.

Settings required on your device is exactly the same as using Home WiFi.
Pocket WiFi is ready to use out of box. You can simply turn it on, and WiFI spot is available.
SSID and Password for Wifi will be provided in instructions in the package.

No, it does not require separate sim card purchases.

No, it is not usable outside of Japan.



AfterSales Questions

Rental Extensions / Top up

Please purchase Rental Extension

Please purchase Top up data

Please refer to usage record page.
Your key is your rental start date formatted in yyyy-mm-dd (2001-01-01)

You can return earlier. Just return as instructed in the package / website.
Please note that we do not provide a refund for early returns.

SIM Card related / setting

Please refer to our APN Setup page

If your device has signal bars, your device and the sim card are working.
Please check :
* mobile data is turned off in the settings
* your device is airplane mode
* APN values (values has be in small letters. No capitals )

For iPhone and some androids, signal bar may be shown as 0. If it’s your case, please ignore it.

If you have ordered Data SIM card, it is data only service.
You can not receive / make a call.

Pocket WiFi related

No, please do not take out sim card from Pocket WiFi.

You may connect up to 15 device.

It lasts up 20 hours of internet use, and 600 hours of stand-by time.

Loss / Damages

You can purchase the return envelop at any post office.
Please ask for letter pack light (レターパックライト)
Its price is 360 jpy.
You may request assistance at your hotel receptions
Return Address is as described below.

Og inc. (Sakura Mobile)

Otakibashi Pacifica Bld. 9th Fl.
7-10-18, Nishishinjuku,
Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Japan

Please contact us and let us know the incident as well.

Please contact us immediately.

Please contact us immediately.

Compensations are: Pocket WiFi: JPY 30,000
SIM card: JPY 5,000
AC adapter: JPY 2,000
USB cable: JPY 1,000
Portable case: JPY 1,000
Extra portable battery: JPY 5,000
You may use your credit card insurance for the damage.
Please let us know if you need us to file documents for your insurances.