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Sakura Mobile Travel eSIM


To use 4G internet with SIM cards, you need to set Access Point Name (APN) on your devices. General instruction is below. APN setup procedures slightly differ depending on your models of phone or phone companies. For android phones and your own pocket WiFi devices, we suggest to double-check APN setup procedures with your phone company. For iOS devices, you can simply install APN profile as described below. Having any questions? Feel free to contact us or talk to us.

APN SET UP PROCEDURES (This setting is needed for Data transfer)

  • For iPhone
  • For Android Phone
  • Your own Router
    The router MUST be restarted after all the settings has been done. Please enter the following value to complete the setting. For a complete instruction , please refer to your device’ s manual or contact manufacturer.
    APN vmobile.jp
    Username sakura@sakuramobile.jp
    Password sakura
    Authentication type PAP or CHAP
    1. APN values are entered in small letter ( in 3 sections)
    2. Auth. type is set to “PAP or CHAP”. if it is not available, please try each auth type (CHAP only and PAP only).
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