English Introduction to ahamo Phone Plans | Prices, Speeds, and How to Begin Applying

EInglish INtroduction to ahamo Phone Plan

ahamo is a phone service that is part of and operated by docomo in Japan, one of Japan’s top three cellular providers, and popular with Japanese people. However, with no English materials or support, little English information is available. We’re here to help!

Here is an English introduction to ahamo phone plans, including prices, the service, and how to begin applying.

As you are probably aware, ahamo does not have an English guide or assistance. For this purpose, we created a guide to help you with ahamo’s phone plans and service.

Once you are finished reading this article, you should have a better idea of the plans ahamo has to offer and the service’s advantages and disadvantages.

After reading the ahamo website, were there parts of the service and plans that you did not understand? If so, then we believe this article will definitely be of help to you!

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Table of contents

  1. ahamo plans overview
  2. Advantages of using ahamo
  3. Disadvantages of using ahamo
  4. ahamo is recommended to these kinds of people!
  5. Comparison with other carriers
  6. How to get started
  7. If you value English support for your phone service

1. ahamo plan overview

ahamo plan overview

Plans20 GB: 2,970 JPY/month
100 GB: 4,950 JPY/month
Contract periodNone
Administrative feeFree
English supportNone

ahamo has two plans, 20 GB and 100 GB plans. These plans are slightly cheaper than docomo’s main plans (eximo). These plans are ideal for people who want to reduce their data costs.

ahamo is a service provided by docomo and uses docomo’s 4G and 5G networks. Therefore, the speeds are fast and stable.

One thing we would like you to remember, though, is that ahamo does not have any English support whatsoever. Everything from filling out the application to customer support is done in Japanese.

If this is something that concerns you, rest assured that at the end of this article, we will introduce a phone carrier that provides English support.

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2. Advantages of using ahamo

Advantages of using ahamo

Advantages of using ahamo:

  • The fees are simple and easy to understand
  • Large data plans are available
  • No additional fees
  • Data can be used in 91 countries and territories

Below, let us take a closer look at the above advantages.

a) The fees are clear, and monthly plans are cheap

As you might be aware, Japan’s phone plans tend to be complicated, and it is hard to understand how your phone bill is calculated.

It is common to see the following types of conditions.

  • The monthly fee will be 1,000 JPY higher after the first 6 months
  • A discount of 500 JPY for the first 3 months
  • Higher rates if you use more than 3GB/mo of data

The combination of all the above makes phone plans difficult to understand. What may seem like a good deal at first glance may be a high price later.

On the other hand, the pricing of ahamo’s plans is very simple. Below are details of the two plans.

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Monthly data cap20GB100GB
Monthly fee2,970JPY4,950 JPY
Calling fee22 JPY/30sec. (If the phone exceeds 5 min.)22 JPY/30sec. (If the phone exceeds 5 min.)

*Tax included

b) Large data plans are available, and monthly fees are cheap

The 20 GB plan is 2,970 JPY, and the 100 GB plan is 4,950 JPY. The fees are cheaper than other phone carriers, and the data available is much more. If you run out of data during the month, you can add 1 GB for 550 JPY. In addition, if you are on the 20 GB plan, you can add 80GB at any time for a total of 100 GB. With 100 GB, you can participate in approximately 170 hours of online meetings, watch about 85 hours of online videos, and more.

c) No additional fees, and data can be used in 91 countries and territories

With ahamo, there are no additional fees, and you can use the data overseas (Separate fees will be incurred for calls and SMS). One thing to note is that the data used overseas and in Japan is up to 20 GB. (Even if your plan is the 100 GB plan, the maximum is 20 GB.) In addition, if you are overseas for over 15 consecutive days, a speed restriction will be applied. You cannot deactivate this restriction until you return to Japan and connect to the network. Please be aware of this restriction when using the service overseas, such as when you are going back home, etc.

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3. Disadvantages of using ahamo

Disadvantages of using ahamo

a) Strict documentation requirements

When overseas residents apply for ahamo, the person’s Residence Card and Passport are required. The passport must have your name, date of birth, and address. However, many passports do not have a place to list the address. Therefore, applying using your passport as your documentation may not be possible. However, if your residence status is “Permanent Resident,” it is possible to apply using just your Residence Card. This requirement is particularly difficult for individuals who have just arrived in Japan and need a phone number.

b) Applications are only possible through the Japanese website

You can only apply for ahamo through their Japanese website. Although ahamo is affiliated with docomo, ahamo applications are not possible at docomo shops. If you are uncomfortable with Japanese, we recommend having a Japanese-capable friend help you.

c) No English customer support

As we previously mentioned, ahamo does not provide any English website, materials, etc. This includes ahamo’s Customer Support. You can only contact ahamo for help through their chat on their official website, which is also only in Japanese.

Before signing up and finalizing your contract, it is a good idea to consider “Will I be okay using the chat support in Japanese if I need help?” This question could save you from headaches in the future if you need assistance with technical support or help with your service or account.

By the way, below are a few cases where foreigners often had trouble after signing a contract with a carrier that only provides Japanese support.

  • No English support was available, so when the SIM card suddenly no longer worked, it was difficult to get help.
  • When the SIM card was lost, the process to reissue a new SIM card was only in Japanese, so it was difficult to get a new SIM card.
  • An issue with the credit card company caused a payment not to be completed properly.

Explaining the situation to the carrier in Japanese was difficult. In the end, I was forced to terminate my contract, and my phone number was no longer valid. Phones have become essential tools in our everyday lives, and issues can arise suddenly. Not being able to resolve them can lead to stress and, in some cases, losses.
During these times, a carrier with English support may be a lifesaver.

d) A “d account” is required

In order to use docomo’s service, ahamo, you will need to have an account known as a “d account.” An English explanation of docomo’s “d accounts” can be found here. If you are not confident in your Japanese ability, signing up for a “d account” may be a difficult and time-consuming process.

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4. ahamo is recommended to these kinds of people!

ahamo is recommended to these kinds of people!

Generally, we can recommend ahamo to the following types of people

  • Individuals who use a lot of data for online meetings, etc., but want to keep their monthly fees as low as possible.
  • Individuals who are fine with a Japanese-only service.
  • Individuals who may frequently travel outside of Japan for business, vacation, etc.

With ahamo, you can use 20 GB to 100 GB of data. The service is ideal for people who use video streaming services, have online meetings, or generally use large amounts of data.

As mentioned above, for individuals who travel overseas for business, etc., ahamo allows customers to use their data overseas without additional charges. This is perfect for people traveling outside Japan for work or temporarily returning home.

On the other hand, as English support is not available, you will need to understand Japanese well to sign up and use the service. Also, if Customer Support is important to you, do not forget that ahamo only provides support via their online chat service.

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5. Comparison with other carriers

ahamo Comparison with other carriers

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auSoftBankSakura Mobile
Monthly fee25GB: 2,970 JPY
100GB: 4,950 JPY
3GB: 5,665JPY
Unlimited: 7,315JPY
3GB: 5,588 JPY
Unlimited: 7,238 JPY
3GB: 5,478JPY
Unlimited: 7,425JPY
4GB: 3,278 JPY
25GB: 4,378 JPY
English SupportJapanese OnlyVery limitedVery limitedVery limited Full English support

*Tax included

As you can see from the chart, ahamo is a bit cheaper when compared to docomo’s main plans. However, as we mentioned above, something is lacking from ahamo that some individuals consider very important in deciding the service they will use: English Support.

In the next section, we will briefly discuss how to get to the sign-up process for the ahamo.

However, if you do not want to go through the difficulty of navigating ahamo’s Japanese-only website and value English Customer Support, Sakura Mobile provides great English support with affordable phone plans.
You can find more information about Sakura Mobile further below in the article.

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6. How to get started

How to register ahamo_1

You can only apply for ahamo’s service online. Below is how you can start the application process.
The above picture shows ahamo’s website. Click the blue-greenish button that says “今すぐ申し込み” (Apply now).
After answering a few questions, you can continue the application process.

After selecting the plan and products you want, follow the rest of the application process to complete your order.

Some individuals have had trouble signing up with ahamo due to the lack of English on their website and English support. In this case, we highly recommend Sakura Mobile!

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7. If you need English support with your phone service

If you need English support with your phone service
If you’re looking for an affordable phone plan that can be used in Japan, consider Sakura Mobile.

Features of Sakura Mobile’s long-term SIM card plan:

  • 4GB and 25GB Plans from 2,980 JPY/month
  • docomo’s fast 4G LTE network
  • Full English support 7 days a week
  • Online order and next-day shipping
  • Japanese phone number

Founded in 2014, Sakura Mobile has been providing cell phone service to more than 10,000 international visitors and residents in Japan.

We do not have an unlimited data plan but instead offer two plans (4GB and 25GB) with affordable costs available.

Sakura Mobile is an MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) on the docomo network, so you can enjoy a high-speed network that is available all over Japan.

You can find more information about our Voice & Data SIM plans here.

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