7 Hotels in Shinjuku: From High-Class to Highly Unique


With two international airports, Tokyo is an obvious starting point for any visitor to Japan. At the heart of the city is Shinjuku, a place full of restaurants and bars with a few nightclubs, some karaoke and plenty of hidden treasures. Shinjuku also has one of the busiest transport hubs in Japan, connecting the city to the rest of the country with a dozen train lines moving millions of passengers daily.

With so much energy and so many people moving through for business and pleasure, it’s not at all surprising that there are just as many great hotels in Shinjuku to choose from. From homey hostels to theme hotels and surprisingly inexpensive high-class digs, here are 7 of our recommendations for the best Shinjuku accommodation out there.

Hotels in Shinjuku: 7 Places to Lay your Head in the City

Shinjuku Kuyakusho-mae Capsule Hotel

Photo on Capsule Inn

Capsule hotels were first created to house businessmen struggling to find a place to sleep after closing time. They have since come to prove themselves as a useful solution for travelers as well, with cheap beds and basic amenities.

If you are looking for Shinjuku accommodation inside a novel, uniquely Japanese space, the Shinjuku Kuyakusho-mae Capsule hotel offers a cheap option that does not skimp on convenience. It is located five minutes from Shinjuku station, has a public bath, lounge and a restaurant service from 6.00PM to 1.00AM. It also features a women-only floor. Prices start from 2,600 yen a night, but they often hold sales and offers, so the current cheapest room may well be less.

Citadines Central Shinjuku

Photo on Wikimedia

For those looking to spend a little more for greater comfort during your quest for hotels in Shinjuku, the Citadines Central Shinjuku is fully furnished offering a range of rooms for differing budgets. Being based in Kabukicho gives this complex the advantage of proximity to a host of restaurants, bars, shops and the most vibrant parts of the city. With the added expense comes the luxury of a currency exchange machine and stylish rooms, not to mention a full-sized bed.

Yasuda no Ie

Photo on Minshuku

While there is certainly no shortage of options for Shinjuku accommodation, Yasuda’s house is indeed a rare thing in Tokyo – a homestay. The amenities are basic and the rooms are relatively small, but if you are looking for an authentic slice of Japanese life then you should look no further. The proprietors speak little English, but if you are friendly and determined you can try something that few other visitors will get a chance to.

The house is nine minutes from Shinjuku station which is close enough to give you the freedom to explore, but this might be one of those rare times when staying in proves to be more interesting than venturing outside to one of the more standard choices.

Shinjuku Granbell Hotel

Photo on Granbell Hotel Shinjuku

With so many options for hotels in Shinjuku, it can be difficult for any one place truly to excel. The Granbell does this by offering pristine rooms with incredible style. With views overlooking the city and spaces created by designers from around the world, this hotel stands out by offering something truly unique.

As you might expect the prices are steeper than some of the other options, with rooms starting from ~8,000 yen for the most basic room and rising steeply from there. Paying a little more for a room with a view might seem like an extravagance, but some of the ‘superior,’ loft rooms in this hotel are something special.

Keio Plaza Hotel Tokyo (Hello Kitty Room)

Photo on Keio Plaza

Now we move from some of the most stylish hotels in Shinjuku to some of the most kitsch.

The Hello Kitty rooms are exactly as you imagine them to be: Chock-full of Hello Kitty art and decorations, with every square inch dedicated to the theme. There are two rooms, each with their own take on the Hello Kitty brand. One is as bright and energetic as the imagination of the titular character, while the other is subtler and more relaxed. When thinking of where to stay in Shinjuku, it is difficult to think of another place that so embodies the otaku spirit – unless of course, you happen to love Godzilla even more.

Hotel Gracery Shinjuku (Godzilla Room)

Photo on Gracery

Fandom knows no bounds. This is particularly true in Japan, where Godzilla occupies an ever-present niche in Japanese nerd culture. The room is designed around the rampaging Tokyo tourism ambassador, with posters from past films along one wall and a large model of Godzilla taking pride of place in the middle of the floor.

The design is somewhat intimidating, and if you have no idea what Godzilla is then please look elsewhere for Shinjuku accommodation. But just like the Hello Kitty rooms, booking a reservation in a place dedicated to a fire-breathing sea creature somehow beloved by millions might be a fun addition to the story of your holiday. If nothing else, it is certainly different! Even if the themed room is fully booked there is an alternative; other rooms at the hotel look out onto a huge Godzilla emerging from a nearby building. Nothing will wake you up faster than seeing a giant monster staring at you from outside!

Park Hyatt Tokyo

Photo by Jun Seita on Flickr

Although not as towering as Godzilla, Park Hyatt Tokyo stands proudly as a hotel to the stars-movie stars! Any serious film buff will immediately recognize it as the setting of ‘Lost in Translation,’ adding an instant Hollywood shine and pop-cultural mystique to an already excellent hotel.

Even the most basic rooms offer exceptional service with a price tag to match. There are a number of world class amenities including top restaurants, a pool and a spa, and the staff are second to none. The Park Hyatt is slightly less central than some of the other options we have highlighted, but offers a pickup service to ferry you to and from the rest of the city.

If you are determined to experience the one of the best hotels in Shinjuku – perhaps even the best that Tokyo has to offer – the Park Hyatt Hotel is an exceptional choice even compared to other high quality offerings in the city.

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Shinjuku might be small, but it offers a number of capsule hotels, homestays, themed rooms and ultra-luxurious spaces catering to all interests and budgets.

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