Cruises Around Japan: Keep your Internet Afloat on your Trip

Japan is becoming more popular with different kinds of tourists from all over the world. While many people might prefer to be whisked around by planes and trains, there’s also something to be said for taking it slow and soaking in the beautiful blue of the Pacific ocean and experiencing a culture like no other. We’ll let you in on the awesomeness of cruises around Japan, highlight the perils of cruise ship connectivity and give you a few tips on how to keep your internet connection from being lost at sea.

Why Cruises Around Japan Can’t Be Beat

cruises around japan

Avoid the Hassle of Planes, Trains and Other Vehicles

Cruises around Japan offer an excellent way of seeing much of the country while also savoring the journey itself. Cruises take care of the details so you do not have to worry about catching trains, planes or buses. Simply make your way to the ship and enjoy the rolling waves while comfortably travelling to your next destination.

Keep Costs Down

Cost is a big consideration with any trip, not least when discussing cruises. Despite their perceived expense, a cruise will include accommodation, travel, food and entertainment expenses, so your budget may well stretch further than you expect.It may even be cheaper than a traditional holiday, once the cost of hotels, trains and meals are included. This is especially true for more expensive towns and cities, or for those looking to organize private day-trips.

Relax, Don’t Rush

If lounging in luxury as the world goes by sounds more appealing than embarking on a bustling city tour, then cruises are a great option. Avoiding traffic, leaving work stress behind and taking in the fresh ocean air are great reasons to set sail on the open seasespecially if you don’t have to do any of the actual sailing yourself!

Unlock Japanese Culture

Those who have never been to Japan might have an image of a small, static island nation where the culture is the same everywhere. But from the modern trading harbors of Yokohama and Kobe to the tropical wonders of the Okinawan archipelago, Japan cruises offer a wide variety of ports to explore, each with their own unique culture.

Princess Cruises Just One Great Option For Exploring Japan

Princess Cruises is the most popular cruise operator in North America, sailing to and from ports all over the world including Japan. Whether hoping to experience a cruise around Japan or travelling the world by ship, you can stop in Kobe, Kagoshima, Aomori and many other places. For those looking for cruises from Tokyo, the port at Yokohama provides an excellent embarkation point.

Of course, there’s absolutely no reason to restrict yourself to one country. Princess Cruises offers voyages from five days to three weeks, giving you the option of visiting a number of ports around East Asia. The world is your oyster, as long as you can stay connected while exploring it.

The Perils of the Internet at Sea

cruises around japan

Whether on a Japan cruise or travelling somewhere else by sea, floating miles from the coast makes it far more difficult to phone, send text messages or surf the internet. While modern cruise ships often provide a WiFi connection that then links to a satellite, customers used to a fast and reliable internet may be in for some unpleasant surprises.

Limited Bandwidth

Not only is the bandwidth limited, but the signal has to go from the ship, to space, back to earth, and then the same in reverse, meaning every web page and image has thousands of miles to travel before finally reaching your device.

Slow Surfing and Streaming

This means that surfing takes ages, trying to stream audio or video is out of the question, and anything more intensive than simple messaging is probably asking for trouble. Do not forget that hundreds, if not thousands of other people are also trying to use the internet at the same time.

Hotspot Hassles

While wireless hotspots are available on most cruise ships, connections are usually reserved for public places and you may struggle to get a signal in your room.

Extremely High Prices

Not that you will want to use the internet for more than a few minutes at a time anyway, because these services are incredibly expensive. Prices start at 79 US cents per minute of internet use for the pay-as-you-go option. Packs are available, the cheapest being one and a half hours for 70 US dollars.

How about Using your own Service Provider?

If you want to use your own service provider while on board you must ensure your phone is compliant with MCP (Marine Communications Partner) or WMS (Wireless Maritime Service). Neither are guaranteed by every service provider, so it is always best to check with your phone company before leaving. This will also cost a small fortune, but rates will vary.

Choose Sakura Mobile for a Fast, Reliable Land Connection

cruises around japan

When it comes to cruises around Japan, the many connectivity issues you’ll encounter leave only one option: use the internet when you are in port or on land! Fortunately, Sakura Mobile is here to help. Here are just a few reasons why you should give it a try.

A Large, Comprehensive Network

Sakura Mobile uses the largest, most comprehensive network in Japan. NTT DoCoMo not only covers the largest cities, but much of the countryside too. Regardless which port you call at you will be sure to find a fast, reliable signal.The network is comprehensive and fast too, giving you the chance to catch up with your emails and WhatsApp messages.

Multilingual Customer Support

Sakura Mobile has been providing mobile phone services to visitors for a long time. With English language support every step of the way, Sakura Mobile makes purchasing and returning SIM cards and WiFi routers easy, whether by e-mail, through the Sakura Mobile website or by phone. Fortunately, Sakura Mobile also provides fast and prompt services in many other languages should the need arise.

Compatibility Across Various Devices

If you are unsure whether your device will work, the Sakura Mobile website lists a number of compatible devices and updates its information regularly. If your phone is not compatible with Japanese SIM cards, there are alternatives to ensure you can still connect to the internet no matter the device.

Flexible Plans

Sakura Mobile have a number of flexible plans for varying lengths of stay or depending on how much data you think you will use. The flexible plans are ideal for those who are unsure, allowing you to pay for what you use.

Japan Cruises Offer a Sea of Adventurebut for Internet, Dry Land is Best

When looking for a way to use the internet while cruising around Japan, your options are somewhat limited until you reach dry land. When visiting Japan you can get fast and reliable internet with Sakura Mobile. Whether you are looking to keep up with work, friends and family, or want to download your favourite shows for a lazy day of travelling, Sakura Mobile can help you surf around your cruising schedule.