Docomo Coverage Makes Climbing and Hiking in Japan Easier

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Japan is a country of mountains. Nearly three quarters of the land is considered mountainous, and two thirds is forested. This makes Japan an excellent place to walk and hike, with trails for beginners and experts alike. Some of the popular locations have well-appointed cabins for overnight stays or extended rests, and will even offer the most Japanese of services – vending machines!

Despite these modern conveniences, hiking in Japan, not to mention mountain climbing there, still means planning your trip carefully and being able to keep in touch with civilization when necessary. Staying connected means packing the newest piece of hiking technology, your mobile phone.

An Essential Tool for Mountain Climbers and Hikers

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In most emergencies the quickest way to signal for help is with a cell phone-two-thirds of emergencies are actually reported this way. Along with first-aid kits, pocket multi-tools, sturdy shoes, a compass and all the traditional necessities, many hikers now consider their phones an essential tool that is also incredibly versatile.

With GPS and map functionality finding your way is easier than ever and the inbuilt camera of most modern phones will take good enough pictures that hikers need not carry big, heavy cameras and lenses.

If you have network coverage and access to the internet while hiking in Japan, you can keep current with the weather and the changeable mountain climate, giving you enough warning to find shelter before a storm and keep yourself safe and dry. With internet access you can even translate signposts in real-time, warning you of bears and other wildlife, or helping you keep to your route.

Hiking in Japan is Best with Docomo Coverage

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There are several popular networks in Japan. The largest are SoftBank, AU and Docomo, all of which have their own infrastructure. Of the three largest companies, Docomo coverage is the most complete across the country.

Of the most frequented mountains for hikers in Japan, 63% receive reception at their rest huts with Docomo. Compared to the 35% for AU and 14% for SoftBank, it is clear why more than half of people mountain climbing in Japan use Docomo and why 88% think the Docomo network is the best.

This extensive Docomo coverage helps during the week when travelling around urban areas, but also means that those looking to travel to rural areas during their time off have the best chance of getting reception. For this reason Sakura Mobile uses the Docomo network, keeping users online across Japan.In addition to offering Docomo SIM cards, Sakura Mobile is one of the few companies to provide Docomo WiFi routers, giving great options no matter where your adventure takes you.

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Enjoy Flawless Docomo Network Coverage While Mountain Climbing in Japan

Mt. Fuji

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Docomo coverage reaches even towering Mount Fuji, Japan’s tallest mountain. Soaring to over three thousand meters, it provides unparalleled views and has provided a majestic muse to countless Japanese artists. Climbing this mountain is a rite of passage for many, and is done by hundreds of thousands each year

Like most spots good for mountain climbing in Japan, Fuji is most accessible during the Summer season, but even then the extreme elevation means that the top will be extremely cold, so be sure to bring a good pair of shoes and wear sturdy, wind-resistant and above all warm clothing. The best views are seen at dawn, which means the path can become somewhat crowded during the nighttime and early hours, but it is well worth the lines for a chance to welcome a new day from the topmost peak of Japan.

Yakushima Island

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Yakushima is an iconic island in the south of Japan. If you have seen the Ghibli film Princess Mononoke then the lush forests will be familiar to you, as the film was set in a fictional version of Yakushima. The island is a UNESCO World Heritage reserve, with the old forest designated a Natural World Heritage Site. The beaches are a haven for loggerhead turtles and the mountains are home to the indigenous red-bottomed macaque.

At nearly 2,000 meters above sea level, Miyanouradake is the island’s tallest mountain, providing walks and hikes for varied abilities and giving everyone a chance to explore the serene and idyllic landscape.

When you have finished your climb, be sure to check out one of the many renowned hot springs, another specialty of the island. With all this natural beauty and unspoiled wilderness, it is small wonder that the island is incredibly popular with tourists.

Mount Takao

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For those with a little less time or those simply looking for a more relaxed walking experience, Mount Takao is an hour from Tokyo on the Chuo line. At 600 meters, it only takes a couple of hours to trek from the base to the top but provides splendid views. If you head there on a clear day you can see all the way to Mount Fuji.

If you are looking to save time you can take a chair lift halfway up and walk the rest, giving you longer to take in the views. The surrounding area hosts a garden, museum and other attractions in case you need a break from walking, and being so close to Tokyo makes it a sensible day-trip.

Docomo Coverage Lets You Stay Connected Anywhere

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With mobile phones being an essential piece of equipment for mountain climbers and hikers the world over, having the best connection at all times becomes imperative. Sakura Mobile uses the Docomo network covering more of Japan than any other, ensuring that people can stay in touch even in hard to reach, remote locations including some of Japan’s most popular hiking routes. Of course, urban connectivity and fast mobile internet speeds, a cornerstone of the Docomo network, are just as important.

So whether you are in the wilderness checking the latest weather forecasts, or in the city searching for a quicker train home, Sakura Mobile using extensive Docomo coverage is your best option for fast and reliable mobile internet.