Dating Apps for Meeting Singles in Japan

best dating apps in japan

Even when living in a sprawling metropolis like Tokyo, it’s easier to feel isolated and unable to make personal connections than you may think. But you don’t have to feel that way anymore! If you’re looking to meet that special someone or trying to get out of the house and find a potential mate with similar interests, these six dating apps may be just what you need.

6 Popular Dating Apps in Japan

Japan Cupid – The Dating App for Long-Term Love

japan cupid dating appIf you are exhausted with the casual dating scene, and in search of a long-term relationship, Japan Cupid is a website featuring thousands of singles looking for the love of their life.

Japan Cupid is a separate entity from OkCupid and provides a great deal of information about potential matches, including detailed desired traits in potential mates, which saves you time in your search.

There are many testimonials and success stories on Japan Cupid, along with a verification system that ensures the people you speak with are, in fact, real. The website is free to browse and features a paid subscription model for sending messages. Keep in mind that unlike other dating apps, Japan Cupid is available on Android devices only.

Dine – Not Your Typical Japan Dating App

Dine japan dating appWe all know the world of online dating can be a bit of a song-and-dance. First, there’s the endless swiping, then the forced online small talk to break the ice. The Dine app lets you cut to the chase a little quicker.

As the name implies, Dine uses food as the ultimate ice breaker. You will be introduced to potential matches, learn their favorite places to eat. The app allows you to request a dinner date and learn, face-to-face, if you truly do match.

Even if you don’t end up making a connection, since Tokyo has the designation of being the city with the most Michelin-Star restaurants, you are guaranteed to at least have a superb meal.

Tinder – Swipe Your Way to Dating Success

tinder dating app in japanThere are tons of singles using Tinder in Tokyo alone, so you will have no shortage of prospective matches. With Tinder, you are able to specify the age range of people you’d like to meet, as well as distance.

Using Tinder is free, including sending and receiving messages, although it comes with a limited number of right swipes per day. With Tinder’s paid service, you can swipe to your heart’s content, and even see who likes you before you even begin swiping at all.

OkCupid Japan – A Dating App Built on Science

okcupid japan dating app logoIf you’re really serious about finding that special someone, OkCupid’s system prides itself on providing the most detailed information possible, using an advanced algorithm to help you meet the person of your dreams.

This is done through the use of questions. You can answer hundreds of questions relating to sex, morality, political views and other topics, and even share how important these topics are to you, as well as which answers you will accept from potential matches.

OkCupid uses this information to help you find singles with similar personalities based on a 0-100% match percentage range. Additionally, OkCupid has employed the Tinder swiping system as one of its free features to fast-track the matching process.

Bumble – The Dating App Where Ladies Go First

bumble japan dating appBumble is one of the newer dating apps on the Tokyo scene, and also employs Tinder’s highly popular swiping mechanic. It is a particularly bare bones app at the moment. However, women are in full control on Bumble.

If guys and girls match on the Bumble system, it is entirely up to the woman to initiate the conversation. Women have 24 hours to start a conversation, after which point the match expires if there is no communication, although men can offer a time extension in hopes of receiving a “hello.”

Bumble is available on both iOS and Android devices, is free to use, and most premium features won’t be necessary to the majority of users.

MeetUp – An Interest-Based Friend Finder

meetup app for dating in japanWhether you need a language exchange partner to help strengthen your Japanese-speaking skills or are looking for a hiking buddy to replace the one you left back in your home country, MeetUp is the ultimate app for finding like-minded individuals.

With the MeetUp app, you can join groups based on specific interests, and make new friends instantly. Once you are part of a group, you will be notified of upcoming events. All you have to do is RSVP, and you’re in!

Language exchange meetups are typically held at trendy bars and nightclubs, and are among the most popular groups in Japan, and a great way to meet your potential mate.

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Finding a Date in Tokyo is Easier than you Think

You shouldn’t be concerned about how to make friends in Japan, especially in Tokyo! Whether it’s through the internet or in person, Tokyo offers an eclectic mix of people. Although at times you may feel lonely, with a city this big you are bound to find many of the types of people you feel comfortable hanging out with. Finding Tokyo friends may require some effort, persistence and patience though, so keep your chin up. After all, your new group of friends could be a yoga class—or just a flick of the finger—away from you.

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