Comparing the Best Deals for Haneda Airport WiFi Rentals (2020)


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Haneda International Airport continues to shed its image as Tokyo’s premier domestic airport, opting to schedule more arriving and departing international flights; and as it becomes more accessible to overseas tourists and business travelers, the airport continues to introduce services and amenities that can help you during your stay in Japan, like Pocket WiFi rentals and Data SIM Cards.
If you booked a plane ticket that will be arriving at Haneda, be sure to keep reading as we present the best deals for Haneda Airport WiFi rentals!
What we cover:

Same-Day Pickup vs. Booking Ahead

If you’re used to having easy access to the Internet, a Japan WiFi rental is a must-but what is the best way to get it? The two most popular ways available for international travelers flying into Haneda Airport are either picking up a Pocket WiFi rental at an airport service counter or renting a Pocket WiFi online before you depart for Japan and having it shipped to your hotel, Airbnb, hostel, airport luggage counter, etc.
While you may think that picking up a WiFi rental at Haneda is the easier option, you’ll want to consider that:

  • Renting online is stress free.
    If you’ve traveled overseas before, you know it can be a headache-flight delays, jet lag, immigration and customs, lost baggage, and language barriers to name a few. No matter how prepared you are before your flight, there’s always the possibility of something unexpected happening at the airport.
    By renting your Pocket WiFi online before your trip and shipping it to your location of choice, you know exactly what you’ll get, where you can pick it up and how much it will cost.
  • Renting online guarantees you’ll get a Pocket WiFi.
    You may not be able to rent a Pocket WiFi if you plan to book it after you arrive at Haneda. That’s because rental counters carry limited quantities, which can quickly run out during peak travel seasons.
    By renting your Pocket WiFi online before your trip, you never have to worry about understocked Haneda WiFi rental counters.
  • Renting online is cheaper than booking a Pocket WiFi after you land in Japan.
    Rarely can you find a better deal in Japan if you wait to book a WiFi router until after you land. This is because you pay a premium for convenience.
    By renting your Pocket WiFi online before your trip, it’s easy to shop around and find the best deal and value for your money. In most cases, what you’ll find is that online WiFi rentals, like those from Sakura Mobile, offer better rental plans at a cheaper price.

Pocket WiFi vs. Data SIM Cards

When it comes to Haneda Airport WiFi rental, you have two options: Pocket WiFi and Data SIM Cards. Each has there pros and cons, which you can read more about here. If you already know what kind of device you want when you’re in Japan, then skip to the relevant Haneda Airport comparison below.

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Comparing Haneda Airport WiFi Rentals

For many, the thought of disconnecting from the Internet for even a moment can cause the body to shudder, and while this might not be you, having WiFi available as soon as possible after landing in a foreign country is likely a good decision. Haneda Airport’s official website doesn’t provide a list of Pocket WiFi rentals, but you can find all of them below.

Company Network Battery Life Device Connections Data Speed Throttling Pre-order Required Haneda Hours
Sakura Mobile Softbank 20 Hours 15 4G LTE Yes 3 days ahead JALABC Counter 2F 24 hours
JAL ABC Softbank 9 Hours 5 4G LTE Yes Not required JALABC Counter 2F 24 hours
Telecom Square docomo 10 Hours 5 4G LTE Yes Not required Telecom Square Counter 2F 6:00~23:00

Price Comparison for Japan Pocket WiFi at Haneda Airport

Company Data Cap 5-Day Rental 10-Day Rental 15-Day Rental 20-Day Rental 30-Day Rental 60-Day Rental 90-Day Rental
Sakura Mobile Unlimited 6,380JPY 8,980JPY 10,980JPY 12,890JPY 16,890JPY 21,990JPY 26,990JPY
JAL ABC Unlimited 6,565JPY 13,130JPY 19,695JPY 26,260JPY 39,390JPY 78,780JPY 118,170JPY
Telecom Square Unlimited 7,000JPY 14,000JPY 21,000JPY 28,000JPY 42,000JPY 84,000JPY 126,000JPY

To help you know what kind of Pocket WiFi rental options Haneda has available, we’ve put together a detailed comparison of Haneda Airport WiFi rental plans. When comparing plans, it’s important to understand the factors being compared.

Network Coverage

Of the four major data network providers in Japan, NTT Docomo consistently provides wider coverage than any other network. In recent years Softbank has actively been working on improving their service and coverage, and are a top choice (read more about their coverage here). It’s worth noting that if you plan to stay within major cities like Tokyo or Osaka, all providers have adequate coverage, but for smaller cities and Japan’s countryside we definitely recommend that you book a Pocket WiFi that uses NTT Docomo or Softbank’s network.

Battery Life

It’s important to understand that the battery life listed in the WiFi router’s specs is for ideal situations. For example, a Pocket WiFi that has three hours of battery life, when used a lot, only actually has a battery life of an hour or an hour and a half at most.

Device Connections

Pocket WiFi lets you connect multiple devices to one router, which means that a group of people who share the same password can use it at the same time. This factor is important if you’re traveling solo with multiple WiFi-compatible devices or if you’re traveling with friends or family.

Data Speed

Japan continues to be a world leader in smartphone technology and as such the country offers some of the fastest data speeds currently available. All Haneda Airport WiFi rental plans compared here offer the same 4G LTE speed.


This is a term used to describe if your connection will slow down significantly once you reach your plan’s data cap. All Haneda Airport WiFi rental plans compared here have throttling, so you will want to consider data caps to know how much data you can use each day before your connection slows down.

Pre-Order Required

Currently, all Haneda Airport WiFi plans require that you book ahead online, meaning that you will need to place your order before you depart for Japan if you want to have your Pocket WiFi as soon as you land. We were not able locate pre-order requirements for JAL ABC.
Pre-Order Required
When comparing plans, it’s important to check if the cheapest price gives you the best value. While Sakura Mobile isn’t the lowest priced Haneda WiFi rental, its competitive pricing offers flexible data plans, quality coverage, no hidden fees, 4G LTE speed, long battery life, English support, and much more!

Sakuramobile WiFi router

Price Comparison for Japan SIM Cards at Haneda Airport

For travelers who only need to connect a single smartphone or tablet while in Japan, often the best option is to go with a Data SIM Card instead of a Pocket WiFi. Note that your device must be unlocked for a Data SIM Card to work in Japan, which you can confirm with the service provider in your home country before departing.

Best Data SIM Cards at Haneda Airport

Unlimited data means no data caps and no throttling-your connection which never slows down! You won’t need to pay attention to your data use, with our plans, you never need to purchase more data.

Company Expiration Listed Price Fixed Data Amount Cut Off Online Top Up Network Haneda Hours
Sakura Mobile 8days 4,500JPY Unlimited No Unnecessary NTT Docomo JALABC Arrival Counter 2F, 24h
15days 6,500JPY
30days 9,000JPY
Telecom Square 7days 3,800JPY 2 GB Yes Yes (1980~2838JPY/GB) NTT Docomo 6:00-23:00
30days 4,500JPY 1.2 GB
60days 6,500JPY 2.4 GB
AnyFone Japan 7days 4,800JPY 1 GB Yes No ? 6:00-23:00
14days 6,500JPY 2 GB
30days 8,000JPY 5 GB
7days 7,500JPY Unlimited No Unnecessary
15days 8,500JPY
30days 9,500JPY

Enjoy unlimited data anytime, anywhere with Sakura Mobile! Never worry again about a slow connection or going over your data plan with our stress-free, 4G LTE. Make traveling fun and convenient, reserve your unlimited data sim with us online with our 24/7 reservation system and we will prepare everything for you as soon as you arrive. Unlike many sim card rentals in the airport, we never sell out of sims, and make pick-up fast and convenient available 24 hours in our airport counter, no matter the time you land in Japan. Say goodbye to troublesome, expensive and slow data plans, say hello to a limitless Japan!


Sakuramobile SIM Card

Sakura Mobile Pickup at Haneda Airport’s JALABC Arrival Counter 2F

Sakura Mobile can get you connected before you leave Haneda Airport. By booking your Pocket WiFi or SIM card online a few days before you depart for Japan, you can choose to have your device shipped to the JALABC Arrival Counter where you can simply pick it up before you head out on your Japan adventure. When it’s time to return your device, simply drop it into one of Haneda Airport’s post boxes before going through the security checkpoint.

JALABC Arrival Counter 2F

JALABC Arrival Counter 2F

Save on Your Haneda Airport WiFi Rental by Booking Ahead

All the Haneda WiFi rental plans compared here will keep you connected in Japan’s major cities, but Sakura Mobile stands above the rest, offering affordable, customer-focused plans, access to Japan’s widest data coverage, and full English support before and after you make your reservation. Make your Japan trip less stressful with a WiFi rental company you know will be there when you need them.
Safe journeys and stay connected!

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