Tokyo Nightclubs: How to Find and Connect with Your Scene

Tokyo's Best Nightclubs, how to connect with new friends

The Top 4 Best Tokyo Nightclubs

When Friday rolls around and the long workweek is done, there is only one thing to do – go out with friends, get some drinks and dance until morning. But before you can do that, you need to know the best places to go, so here is a quick intro to some of the biggest Tokyo Nightclubs.

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When you talk about Tokyo nightclubs, there is one name that stands out; Womb. Constantly rated as one of the best nightclubs in Asia and with the biggest headliners across genres, this is the club to go to.

Started in 2000, Womb quickly became a headliner for Tokyo’s partygoers. They have everything you want; Drum and Bass, Hip-hop, EDM, K-pop and more, with massive events for all the holidays.

If you are only visiting for a short time and are not around for the big ones, there are tons of smaller niche nights with lower covers and a more relaxed vibe.

Regardless of when you go, make sure to check their calendar page for discount coupons. Just show them your phone with the discount page open, and you can save 500 yen.


The other Tokyo mainstay is Ageha. If you want a festival vibe without leaving the city, Ageha has the venue and DJ’s to make any night a classic.

The massive stage hosts some of the biggest names, and with regular events it can be difficult to choose which ones to go to.

The beach, box, water and park areas are there for when you need to chill out and get some fresh air or want to chat with friends, and they have a great selection of food too.

The unique setup comes at a price though – the venue is a considerable distance outside the city center which means taking a shuttle from Shibuya or training it to the outskirts. Either way, you will want to make sure you keep up with train and bus times so you are not waiting around.


If travelling sounds like a chore, then just 5 minutes by foot from Shibuya station, hidden under all the shops and restaurants, is a club that has a room for every mood. Vision is a smaller and more intimate venue that has something for everyone, every night.

The main stage is big enough for live performances, while the smaller areas are great for upcoming DJ’s and local talent.

Being so close to the center of Tokyo ensures there is a good blend of foreign patrons and locals, and the variety of rooms means you get to see international names alongside homegrown artists in one venue. Tourists even get a 1,000-yen discount if they show their passport at the door.


After a handful of name and venue changes, ALIFE has hit its stride once again. Situated just a bit outside Roppongi, ALIFE has started pulling in some big domestic and international names across EDM, Hip-hop and house.

Their ticket system (1,000 yen for 2 or 3 tickets depending on the event) gets you drinks and surprisingly good food, perfect for keeping your energy up through the night.

The venue is split over three floors and offers plenty of space to take a breather, but the big dance floor is why people come.

Best Messaging Apps to Stay in Touch After the Club

What good is a night out at the club if you can’t follow up and communicate with your new friends? For the local scene you will need LINE. You can use it without a phone number, but having a local SIM will make things easier.

connect with new tokyo nightclub friends using sakura mobile sim and wifi

Most people will already use Instagram and WhatsApp, but if you do not already use them, they are free to download and use. Make sure you set them up before going out, though, because no one wants to hang around outside a club at 5AM.

Find the Best Tokyo Nightclubs and Bars with Sakura Mobile

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Step Out and Connect More

Tokyo offers so much more than the quaint izakaya, but knowing where to find the best spots is key. Keeping your finger on the pulse means keeping up with old friends and making new ones on apps like Instagram and LINE – and for that you need a SIM or Pocket WiFi router from Sakura Mobile.

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