Onokawa Onsen Kajikaso

Konnichiwa everyone (^_^)/

In this series of posts, we are going to introduce handpicked Japanease Ryokans of the qualities.

We hope these posts help to find your favorite Japan.

The first pick is “Kajikaso” from club Ichinoyado


Onokawa Onsen Kajikaso (河鹿荘 小野川温泉)


Yamagata Prefecture, Onokawa Onsen

Uesugi Joukamachi Yonezawa Okuzashiki ・ Onokawa Onsen (Uesugi castle town Yonezawa inner palor Onokawa Onsen)

It is the village of the legendary Onono Komachi hot spring, which has been opening for about 1200 years!
The hot spring is blended with the source temperature of 80 celcius and 35 celcius hot spring.
We would like you to enjoy the 100% source of hot spring as it were ‘the hot spring of beautiful moist skin which make your skin moist like swimming in the lotion’.
Moreover, we also proud of our local taste of the Japanese three major Wagyu beef of Yonezawa beef, which can be chosen from 8 dishes and made with the seasonal ingredients.
The reserved hot spring is avaiable and the customers can use for free.



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Comments from other hotels

We must say that the most famous thing in this hotel is the Yonezawa Beef.
They can keep a good balance of cuisine, hot spring and service, too.
We recommend you to come here in the season of fireflies.
The landlady is wonderful, but the director and the managing director are twin brothers!


Owner : Sato Yuji


We proud of our original hot spring, stick to Yonezawa Beef and homemade polished rice.

We also provide relaxing space and service with the pure natural hot spring.



2070 Onogawa-machi
Yonezawa-shi Yamagata
992-0076 JAPAN


Tel 0238-32-2221

English HP  http://travel.rakuten.com/hotel/info/27910/

Jpanese HP http://www.kajikaso.com/

(Quoted from club Ichinoyado Translated by Sakuramobile)