Otaru Snow Light Path Festival: The Hidden Gem of Hokkaido

otaru snow light path festival

While Hokkaido’s Snow Festival has made the city of Sapporo famous worldwide, you may not have heard of nearby Otaru; a seemingly quiet, romantic town that springs to life during February’s annual Otaru Snow Light Path Festival, featuring a dazzling array of candlelit snow lanterns and sculptures that welcome visitors from throughout Japan. Read on to discover why this city and festival to the north should be on your list of essential Japan winter activities. READ MORE

Japan Pocket WiFi Guide: Unlimited vs. Pay-as-You-Go Plans

With so many options on the market for Japan Pocket WiFi, trying to understand which WiFi device and data plan is right for your next trip can be a real headache. Should you go with:

  • WiFi router or a SIM card?
  • Unlimited or Pay-as-You-Go?

The more you compare competitors, the more you can get confused but look no further! Keep reading to find out what you need to know about Japan Pocket WiFi before you book.

Backpacking in Japan: Travel WiFi, Trains, Lodging, Food & Fun

backpacking in japan

Backpacking in Japan is a great way to travel inexpensively while experiencing the beautiful sights, welcoming people, safe environment, and unique culture waiting for you. Read on to find out what to consider when trekking across Japan-from transportation, to lodging, food, entertainment and even Japan Travel WiFi. Japan doesn’t have to be expensive! READ MORE

Okinawa Winter Vacation: Escaping the Cold with a Trip to Naha

okinawa watersports

Okinawa is known by Japanese and foreigners alike as a beautiful, sunny paradise with white sandy beaches where you can bask in the heat no matter the season. In fact, the Okinawan capitol, Naha, can be enjoyed even in the winter. The mild weather, outdoor attractions, and excellent museums and aquarium make Naha the perfect destination for a warm winter escape! Read on to find out more. READ MORE

Japan SIM Card iPhone Guide: Staying Connected in Japan

japan sim card iphone

*Updated on March 21st, 2024.

Your airplane ticket is booked, your itinerary is planned, and your mind is already on vacation that means it’s time to travel to Japan! There is so much to experience in Japan, but often those experiences can be missed simply because your iPhone can’t get access to the internet during your trip. Luckily, it’s now quite easy to stay connected in Japan, but you need to know which device works with your iPhone. Find out whether your should rent a Japan SIM Card or a Portable WiFi Router with our Japan SIM Card iPhone Guide! READ MORE

Hida-Takayama: Scenic Winter Exploration in the Japanese Alps

Part of the mountainous Hida region of Gifu Prefecture, Takayama is a quaint historical town that thrived during the Edo period timber boom. Famous for the stunning snow-covered facades of its traditional homes in winter, its many sake breweries and delicious Hida beef, Takayama-sometimes known as Hida to distinguish it from other similarly-named towns-is neither gone nor forgotten. Come to Gifu Prefecture, and experience Takayama’s rugged beauty for yourself. READ MORE

Japan on a Budget: Japan Travel SIM Cards to 100-Yen Heaven

Travel Japan in Off Season

Japan is on the must-see list of thousands, if not millions, of people worldwide. It’s a country that’s beautiful year-round with an eclectic selection of sights, sounds and tastes sure to pique anyone’s interest – even those on a budget. Follow these 10 budget tips to make the most of your money and time during your trip to Japan! READ MORE

Top 4 Planning Tips for Your First Japan Ski Trip

While the soaring peaks of the Rockies, the Alps, and the Sierra Nevadas are all well documented throughout winter sport lore, Japan may hold the world’s last great frontier for easily accessible world-class skiing and snowboarding. With many Japanese companies reaching out to attract more foreign tourism in recent years, accessing this frozen treasure trove just got a whole lot easier. That said, there are some things you should know before embarking on your first Japan ski trip. READ MORE

Uncovering Sacred Shinto Treasures at Ise Shrine

ise shrine

While Japan is home to countless shrines, the simplicity of Ise Jingu Shrine’s official name?Jingu, or “The Shrine”?not to mention the gorgeous grounds that convey the spare but awesome essence of Shinto, both speak of a particular kind of holiness ?Come and experience this sacred treasure for yourself. READ MORE

Is Free WiFi in Japan Safe?

We think Japan is one of the most friendly, welcoming places to take your next vacation. It’s regularly ranked among the safest places in the world to live and visit, and there is definitely truth to the story of lost wallets, passports, and smartphones regularly being turned into a local police officer or train attendant. There should be no fear in coming to Japan. However, there is one important question you need to consider before your trip to Japan. READ MORE