Miyajima Island: Exploring Itsukushima Shrine & Beyond

miyajima floating gate

Just off the Hiroshima coast, Miyajima Island is famous for having one of the top three most beautiful views in Japan that of a large torii gate which appears to be floating during high tide. Learn the best and cheapest ways to go and what to do when you get there! READ MORE

Japan WiFi Rental: The Essential 10-Minute Guide

wifi in japan

While ordering a Japan WiFi rental may be one of the last things you think about while planning your upcoming trip, it’s an essential consideration to make. And once you begin researching your WiFi options, it’s quite possible that figuring out which plan is best for your trip will be all the more confusing. Look no further than our Essential Guide to Japan WiFi rentals. In just 10 minutes you’ll arm yourself with everything you need to know about picking a great data plan that will keep you connected and worry free throughout your trip to Japan. Let’s get started! READ MORE

7 Great Ways for Saving Your Japan Mobile WiFi Data

When travelling to Japan, mobile WiFi data should be your last concern. Unfortunately, depending on which data provider you go with, you may just end up spending more time getting stressed out about saving data than worrying about choosing between sushi and ramen for lunch in Shibuya. Below are 7 great ways to make sure you keep your data for when you really need it! READ MORE

Is Docomo Data SIM a Good Tourist Option for Voice+Data?

If you’re a tourist going to Japan and want to continue using your smartphone for surfing the web and making calls, you may already be considering going with a voice+data package. This type of plan seems straight forward, but what you may not know is that there is more than one option available for accessing your e-mails and calling your friends and family. If this sounds like what you need, be sure to read on and find out which voice+data option is best for you. READ MORE

Apartments, Housing & WiFi in Tokyo: Best Options for Mid- to Long-term Stays

wifi in tokyo Thinking about living in Tokyo for a while? If you’re planning on staying for longer than a week or two, you may be wondering what the process is to arrange for long-term accommodations (1–12 months or more). Not to worry! Even if you don’t speak Japanese, there are several companies in Tokyo that can place you in foreign-friendly housing. So read on to find out where you can start your search as well as important advice on WiFi and housing that you may not yet have considered. READ MORE

Portable WiFi in Japan: 10 Reasons Why Data is King

Japan has the 6th fastest Internet speed in the world with an average of 30 Mbps compared to the US average of 10 Mbps, fantastic news for anyone coming to the country for a visit. The portable WiFi in Japan is royally awesome! Here are ten reasons why you simply can’t live without it. READ MORE

Tokyo to Osaka Using Trains, Planes & Automobiles

Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons

As a tourist in Tokyo there is already a lot to see and do. However, to see a more traditional side of Japan with a more local flavor, many tourists travel from Kanto to Kansai and go from Tokyo to Osaka, Japan’s second largest city. If you would like to make the trip from Tokyo to Osaka, there are many transportation options available. READ MORE