Japan Phone Rental: 5 Options for Long-Term Stays

For foreigners moving to Japan or staying long term, getting portable data service through a smartphone is crucial to daily life yet signing up for a cell phone contract can be one of the biggest hurdles when you first arrive in the country. To help you choose the best Japan phone rental option to fit your needs, we broke down the most common methods foreigners use to stay connected during their long-term stay. READ MORE

How Much Data Do You Need during Your Trip to Japan?

Many people taking a trip to Japan get a pre-paid SIM card or rent a pocket WiFi so they can have fast and stable internet access during their trip. However, before you choose between getting a prepaid SIM or renting a pocket WiFi in Japan, you should calculate how much data you’re going to need for yourself or for your group if traveling together with other people. Too large of a data plan, and you could end up paying for data allowances you don’t use; not enough data and you’ll hit your data cap and have your speed throttled down.

Calculating your data usage

If you’re wondering “How much mobile data do I need?” here are some useful tips to help you calculate your data usage. Keep in mind that data usage varies by device so these figures are based on averages and are only meant to provide an estimate of how much data you can expect to use in Japan. 1MB is 1024KB and 1GB equals 1024MB. infograph1-horizontal_black READ MORE


Onokawa Onsen Kajikaso

Konnichiwa everyone (^_^)/

In this series of posts, we are going to introduce handpicked Japanease Ryokans of the qualities.

We hope these posts help to find your favorite Japan.

The first pick is “Kajikaso” from club Ichinoyado