Countrysides, Escalators & Pocket WiFi in Japan: Exploring Japan Solo

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Shou Z., an American student who recently went on a solo, two-week trip to Japan for the first time, talks about his experience using Sakura Mobile pocket WiFi in Japan—and how it was the little things he encountered that provided the biggest memories.

A Look Back at Shou’s Trip to Japan

We asked Shou about how his trip to Japan went as well as if he had any words of wisdom to future first-time travelers. He was kind enough to give us his thoughts…

…On Visiting Japan

I always wanted to visit Japan. From late June to early July, I travelled to Nikko, Fuji, Kyoto, Yamanashi, Tokyo, Osaka, Gunma, Nagoya, Azuchi, Gifu, and Kofu. I loved Nikko and Gifu because they showcased the harmony between man-made structures and nature.

…On the His Most Memorable Experiences

The most memorable experience I had in Japan was meeting other travelers from different walks of life and different parts of the world. Hiking Mt. Fuji with two other travelers whom I met on the Shinkansen was a very nice experience. From the entire train and subway system to the fast food restaurants where you make purchases from machines rather than a cashier, I felt that Japan was fantastically efficient. But perhaps the most fascinating and somehow simplest thing I experienced was the fact that escalators had two lanes, one for standing and the other for walking. Small encounters like these won my heart. taiyaki thing

…On Essential Japan Travel Apps

Since I went to some out-of-the-way places where very few people spoke English, I was very glad to have translation apps with me! Google Maps is another essential app to have! While visiting, I mainly used online maps, Google, Skype and Facebook. I used Skype to communicate with my family back in America and Facebook to upload photos of my solo trip to Japan for all my friends to see, all via my smartphone.

…On Coming Back to Japan

Definitely! Actually, I was so inspired by this trip that I’m thinking of applying to study at a university in Japan after I get home. Of course, I’ll have to learn some Japanese first!

Staying Connected with Pocket WiFi in Japan

During Shou’s trip through Japan, he stayed connected to the Internet using a Sakura Mobile Pocket WiFi Router. He was kind enough to give us his opinions…

…On Sakura Mobile

After browsing around Internet forums and asking my network of friends, I chose Sakura Mobile because they have a user-friendly interface with clear and simple ordering instructions. Pick up and drop off where both straightforward with no complications. I had my device shipped to my accommodation in Japan before I arrived. My whole experience was really hassle-free, actually, and I never really needed to contact customer service with any issues. wifi in japan

…On Battery Life

If a person plans to stay out for 8+ hours, a portable battery charger is a must. I was out and about from as early as 5 a.m. to as late as 11 p.m. at night. Of course, I wasn’t always attached to my smartphone, so I would turn off my device to preserve battery power when I didn’t need it. If you forget your portable battery charger, many electronics or mega stores in Japan carry them and you can easily buy them.

…On Traveling through the Countryside

I went all over the place in Japan, including Nikko, Kyoto, Osaka, and Mt. Fuji. I didn’t experience any noticeable loss in service at any point in my trip. It was very reassuring having the Internet available. If not for the Internet, I would have been hesitant about going far away from major cities. I relied on GPS to get everywhere and search places to go. pocket wifi in japan Having GPS was also very helpful when navigating through the Shinkansen train system, because I was very dependent on it due to the language barrier.

…On Final Traveler Recommendations

Get a Pocket WiFi Router! They are more useful than most people think before they go to Japan for a trip. Also, the JR Pass is only worth it if you make at least one trip between Kyoto and Tokyo or at least travel the same distance. tatami 1(no ppl)

Renting a Pocket WiFi in Japan through Sakura Mobile

We think Shou made the best choice based on what he needed by going with Pocket WiFi in Japan. Wanting to stay connected while traveling throughout Japan means needing consistent coverage in the most places possible. Sakura Mobile provides both consistent coverage and high data speeds 24 hours a day, even at peak usage times. If you’re a heavy data user, then it’s definitely worth considering Sakura Mobile for your Japan pocket WiFi Router.

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