From Narita Airport to Tokyo: Starting Your Journey in Japan

From Narita Airport to Tokyo: Starting Your Journey in Japan

From currency exchange, WiFi rental, and transportation to and from Narita airport, information for a fun and safe stay in Tokyo.

Transportation options we cover:

Getting a Train from Narita Airport to Tokyo

One important question is how to get to Tokyo from Narita Airport. With Narita airport 60 km from Tokyo, there are many transportation options. The most popular is by train. The first and quickest is the Narita Express (N’EX). These high-speed trains connect Narita to multiple locations in Tokyo, with trains every 30 minutes and reserved seats. To get to Tokyo Station, the city’s main hub, it’s a relaxing one-hour ride from Narita Airport. A single (one-way) ticket from Narita to Tokyo costs 3020 yen. Visitors are able to get return (round trip) fares for 4000 yen, saving around 25 percent when returning from Tokyo to Narita Airport. SONY DSC The second option is the Keisei Skyliner. Costing 2400 yen one way, it takes 40 minutes to Ueno Station.?Both N’EX and the Skyliner have discounts year-round, so please keep an eye out for those! keisei Running alongside the faster Skyliner line is the slower Keisei Electric Railway line. This local line makes several stops on its way towards Ueno. Although it’s half the price of the Skyliner, this train takes an extra 30 minutes to Ueno.

Narita Limousine Bus

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Believe it or not, taking the bus also has its advantages. The Narita limousine bus not only takes you from Narita Airport to Tokyo Station, but it also visits specific hotels along the way. The cost is attractive at 3000 yen for both you and your luggage combined. It takes 75 minutes to arrive at Tokyo Station and English staff is available when purchasing a ticket. Of the bus options, this is by far the best. The cheapest option from Narita Airport to Tokyo is the Keisei Express Bus. Taking slightly longer than the limousine bus at 90 minutes, the bus is just 900 yen one way. The service runs every 20 minutes from 7am to 11pm.

Narita Airport Taxi Service

While there are many train and bus options, some may feel more comfortable in a taxi especially if tired from the flight. With options starting at 15,000 yen, taxis are certainly much more expensive; but on the other hand, they are available 24 hours a day and can take you straight to your hotel. To get a quote or reserve a flat rate taxi, you can contact taxi companies such as Hello Taxi. There is definitely a huge difference between flat rate taxis and the normal taxis that you will see in front of the pick-up area at the airport.

Getting Back Home: Tokyo to Narita Airport

When the time comes to return from Tokyo to Narita Airport, all of the above options are available. The Narita Express starts the airport-bound service starting at 6am. The region of Tokyo you are traveling from and your flight time will make all the difference. However, with train and bus services running from the early morning until late at night, there should be an easy option for you. If you do decide to return to Narita Airport via taxi, please note that you can find fixed rate fares. These will often cost 30 percent less than fares from Narita Airport to Tokyo. infograph6

Other Things to Consider When Arriving at Narita International Airport

Once your plane finally hits the runway at Narita International Airport, several thoughts may be going through your head. “Did I bring enough money?”, “Is there a Narita airport currency exchange?”, “How do I get from Narita airport to Tokyo?”. Of course, many tourists arriving at Narita for the first time ask themselves these very same questions. But there’s no need to worry every one of them has an answer!

Narita Airport Currency Exchange

nb20130529a3a-870x569 Narita Airport has over 20 currency exchanges across both terminals. Whenever your flight arrives, there should always be one available. Most open at 7am and close at 8pm, some open late until 11pm. It’s not just the location that’s convenient the Narita airport money exchange process itself is also extremely easy, depending on the branch you visit. You fill out a form available in many languages simply listing how much money you would like to exchange. You take that form with your money to the counter and are shown the amount of Japanese yen you will receive. Just take your money and begin enjoying your trip! If you don’t have any physical currency but you would like some extra yen, then Narita has many 7-Bank cash points in both terminals. These machines, provided by 7/11, let you withdraw cash in Yen using international cards including VISA cards.

Narita WiFi Rentals &SIM Cards

Many tourists may be tempted to use their phones while in Japan. However, be aware that data roaming costs will make this very expensive. One popular option is a Narita WiFi rental. Despite the fact that so many stores offer it, the lines are still extremely long. Also, many shops close early, so you may not get a chance to rent from them depending on your flight’s arrival time. Even if you do make it, be aware that many WiFi Rental stores at Narita don’t allow for same day pick up; you must reserve the WiFi or SIM card in advance online. If you’re going to need the Internet during your trip, please take this into consideration.

To help you shop for WiFi, we put together acomprehensive comparison of SIM Card and Pocket WiFi plans available at Narita International Airport.

Sakura Mobile Services

If you want to rent WiFi but don’t feel like waiting in line at the airport, then Sakura Mobile offers different Pocket WiFi rental pick up services. When reserving a rental from Sakura Mobile online, it is not necessary to pick it up at the airport. You can choose to pick it up from the Post Office within Narita Airport or other local Post Office’s elsewhere in Japan. Central Post Offices are open 24 hours, so you can get it at your leisure. You can also ship your rental to any hotel or residential address, meaning that it can be available at the same time you check in. If you’re in a hurry, you can reserve units for same day pick upfrom our office in Shinjuku. narita1 If you’re not sure what type of data device you should rent during your stay in Japan, you can learn more here about the differences between portable WiFi and SIM card rentals.

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