Rural Japan: Best Areas and Internet Access for Travelers

Japan is so much more than just Tokyo. Japan’s rural areas give greater insight into traditional Japanese lifestyle. Here, we’ll show you five rural Japan areas a little off the beaten path to add to your next travel itinerary– and how Sakura Mobile’s Pocket WiFi and Prepaid SIM cards can help you get there quickly and safely.

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Top 5 Rural Japan Areas for Travelers

No matter what interests may have drawn you to visiting Japan, there is a part of the country waiting to be explored, filled with new experiences that will become lifelong memories. Many of these places can be found in rural neighborhoods. These are the top 5 Japan rural areas that we encourage you to visit.

Otaru: A Haven of Handmade Crafts

Located on the northern island of Hokkaido, and now accessible by Shinkansen, Otaru is an unusual hidden gem, well known for its vibrant art community and glass-blowing work.

Located right on the water and divided by a beautiful scenic canal, it’s equally famous for its delicious fresh sushi and for its plethora of historic buildings. There are many old historic buildings, giving the town a picturesque old-world feel– and for omiyage, one of the handmade music boxes from the incredible Otaru Music Box museum.

Nara: The Open Petting Zoo

Much like Kyoto, Nara is home to many sacred and historic archaeological sites– and only a stone’s throw away. One of the ancient treasures of the Kansai region, Nara boasts temples, gardens and of course, the famous treat-hungry deer.

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One of the most fun things to do in Nara is to stroll down Naramachi, an old street that is still quite well preserved throughout the years. Hire a rickshaw to relax and enjoy the scene, or go on foot so you can pop into one of the many small shops that line the street.

Hakone: A Hot Spring Paradise

Hakone has been a treasured destination for Japanese holidays for many years. Loved for its hot springs, you can stay at an old ryokan, or Japanese inn, while you take in the picturesque views of Lake Ashinoko and Mt. Fuji.

Take a hike down the original Japanese highway, the Old Tokaido Road, or ride the oldest mountain railway in japan, the Hakone Tozan railway. With Hakone being an easy day trip from Tokyo, it’s perfect for someone who wants to experience what Japan has to offer without breaking their budget on travel expenses.

Kamakura: A Breathtaking Day Trip from Tokyo

Kamakura is also a day trip from Tokyo– but where Hakone boasts mountains, lakes and rivers, Kamakura is famous for its seaside views. With several famous shrines and temples, Kamakura is a walker’s paradise, with the ultimate spot being the Daibutsuden Kotoku-in.

At over 37 feet, the Daibutsu, or Giant Buddha, is so large you can actually go inside the statue and walk around. After you’re done traversing, stop by one of the many stalls and restaurants and try shirasu, tiny whitebait fish served both raw and boiled, and much beloved by many Japanese.

Kanazawa: The Western Japan Wonderland

Kanazawa is a city on the west coast of Japan. While almost as historically relevant as cities like Osaka and Tokyo, Kanazawa has remained largely unchanged and still boasts many historic districts. Take tea in one of the cities three tea-house districts, or discover the old living compounds of samurai warriors.

Kanazawa’s beautiful castle is famous throughout Japan, boasting a beautiful garden ranked top three in the country. Enjoy a seafood lunch at Omicho market, which has been going since the Edo period; you can later enjoy a drink at one of the many bars in the nightlife mecca of Katamachi.

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Internet Access for Rural Japan Travel with Sakura Mobile

Wherever you go, you want to be able to get the best deals, find your way around, and check on your reservations but in rural areas, public wi-fi is patchy and unreliable at best. That’s why Sakura Mobile has both long and short-term plans for all your travel needs.

Short-Term Mobile Plans for Rural Japan Travelers

With countrywide coverage on Japan’s most trusted network, LTE connections, and English support, Sakura Mobile’s service ensures you’re never left stranded.

If you have a smartphone, Sakura Mobile’s Tourist Prepaid SIM card will have you covered on the network with over 99% population coverage. Featuring unlimited data access and no FUP on LTE/4G Data, you can use as much or as little as you need, with no fear of suddenly ‘running out’ of data and being stranded.

And if you go over your 4G? No problem. Just go back online and top it up anywhere– no hidden fees, no in-store appointments. Sent to your hotel or available for pick up at all of Japan’s major airports, our Tourist Prepaid SIM makes it easy to enjoy the ruggedness of Japan rural areas while still having backup in the palm of your hand.

If you need something a little stronger, for business or leisure, Sakura Mobile’s Pocket WiFi makes it easy to connect no matter where you roam. No configuration needed– just charge it up and connect to it like regular wifi, and with a 20 hour battery life, our Pocket WiFi gives you unlimited data access for longer than most smartphones can use it.

Sakura Mobile’s Pocket WiFi unit also allows for up to 15 concurrent devices– a great deal for families traveling together, or groups traveling for work who need equal capability.

Long-Term Mobile Plans for Rural Japan Travelers

If you’re staying a little longer for extended travel in rural Japan, Sakura Mobile’s Pocket WiFi and Postpaid SIM cards are available for stays over 90 days. Our flexible monthly contract system saves you from those high contract breaking fees, and offers English support.

No matter where you go in Japan, and how long you’re here, Sakura Mobile’s data services make it easy to stay connected. With flexible plans for every budget, Sakura Mobile’s support is some of the best on the market. So go on, explore. We have your back.

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