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Set up & start

Watch the SIM card Installation
Video: Installing your SIM card
eSIM PDF: Installing your eSIM
Android / iPhone


Email address

Important notices will be sent to the mail address. Please make sure the email account can receive emails from Sakura Mobile(contact@sakuramobile.jp) .

Identification documents

Please have the necessary identification documents for signing a contract.
Required documents

For MNP Applications
(MNP = transfer your current Japanese cellphone number to us.)

MNP reservation number

※ Needed only when you'd like to transfer your current phone number (called Mobile Number Portability / MNP)

To get your MNP reservation number from your mobile operator by telephone, call following numbers.

9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.
0120-959-472 (toll free)
9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.
9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

You may also get your MNP reservation number at your mobile operator’s shop.
Please ask your mobile operator’s shop staff to prepare your MNP reservation number.


Sakura Mobile Voice+Data SIM Card

Please have your required documents ready and submit your application from sign up page.
Steps are described below.
1. Email address confirmation :

Fill out the application form in sign up page and submit it. Once your application is submitted, we will send a verification email.

2. Submit your required documents :

In the verification email, you will find a link to document submission form. Please submit your required documents through the link to complete application.

*A document is required including the contracting customer’s name, address, and date of birth, and which matches the information registered to Sakura Mobile. Please make sure you are uploading clear images of both the sides of the document, else we can not process your application.

Required Document(s) :

- Due to the law, voice SIM cards have to be sent by secure package. Item will be sent to the place on your proof of address.

- Usually, residence card with your current address is solely sufficient.

- If you'd like to pick it up at airport (or our office) upon arrival, your passport is solely sufficient. (proof of address is not required).

One of the followings are accepted :
・Residence card
*Must be within the period of validity
*Must include your current address

※Please have your addresss on residence card updated.
To update your residence card, you may registar your current address at municipal offices as described at goverment's page

・Passport + Utility Bill (proof of address)
*Passport must be within the period of validity.
*Utility Bill must include your address. (within three months of issue, and displaying your current address)
※Electricity/city gas/waterworks is only acceptable (propane gas receipts etc. are not acceptable)
*If you’d like to pick it up at airport (or our office) upon arrival, proof of address is not required.
・Japanese driver’s license
*Must be within the period of validity
*Must be issued by a prefectural Public Safety Commission
*international driving licenses and driver's lisence from your home coutry are not acceptable


Sakura Mobile Travel SIM Card
Your item will be delivered to the designated place.

Upon shipping, we will send a shipping email.
You may find your tracking code in the email.
Normally, item will be deilreved in 2-5 days.


Sakura Mobile Travel SIM Card
Activation・APN settings

SIM card will be automatically activated once you insert it into your phone.
Please also set APN from settings to establish internet connection.
APN (Access Point Name) settings is described in APN settings

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